The Shot

David gets into a bar fight and unknowingly gets involved with gangster, Antony.


3. The Clean Up


Paranoia set in and every time he looked around, he though he saw Antony on his trails. In a few minutes, he was home. His lungs were heavy and his chest heaved. He was out of breath and the alcohol made him sweat through his clothes. Limping up the stairs, he brought out his first aid kit. He needed more advanced treatment, but this was the best he could get. In the bathroom mirror, he saw his nose, crooked and bent unnaturally. Putting his leather belt between his teeth, he set his fingers upon his nose. Moving it slowly, David crunched his nose back into place, screaming with agony. The only thing that prevented him biting his tongue was the leather between his teeth. Then, he moved to some of the more minor injuries. He plastered small cuts and bruises and rinsed his mouth to remove the blood from his gums.


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