The Shot

David gets into a bar fight and unknowingly gets involved with gangster, Antony.


2. The Brawl


His companions were soon tending the man. And to David’s misfortune, one of his companions was Antony, a viper-fast, deadly gangster. Antony, without bothering with words, grabbed David by his collar and dragged him outside through the back door. They arrived at an alley outside, dark with the scent of garbage and moss lingering in the air. Heavy and fast blows arrived from Antony upon David. Cringing, David hid his head. Antony didn’t stop. Not to listen to an explanation, to take a breath, to show mercy. He simply didn’t stop. The blows continued. David’s nose was broken by this time and his cheekbone seemed set to follow. He burst through the punches, and retaliated. His first fist landed on Antony’s temple, making Antony crumple to the ground. He jumped on top of him, breaking Antony’s nose and soon, punching two of his teeth out. He knew he was running out of time; his cronies would be coming out soon. David jumped off Antony and ran towards his house.


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