The Shot

David gets into a bar fight and unknowingly gets involved with gangster, Antony.


6. Shoot


Three minutes later, the meeting was over. David had the gun. The only thing that frightened him was Marko’s last words to him. ‘Be careful outside. Things can get pretty ugly.’ David exited the building, confused about the dealer’s words. Slowly walking down the street, it hit him. He knew what was coming. He walked around the construction site. Stumbling on a crack in the pavement, he landed on his hands. He pondered to himself. ‘Why am I accepting defeat?’ Roaring loudly, he sprung upwards. Like an animal, he sprinted and raced down the street. His vision blurred as the fog enveloped him. The people around him stared curiously, moving out of his way. He saw streaks of light passing him by.  Reaching the corner, he turned his body, and stopped. The noise forced bystanders to close t3heir ears. The pigeons flew. Still for a moment, he collapsed, face first. The police from the park nearby raced toward the scene. The bullet was visible, lodged in David’s head.


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