The story about Eleanor Calder and One Direction ♥

Eleanor Calder is a cheerful girl. She is exactly like every other girls, until the day she meets five very special boys, namely. One Direction.


3. The love tunnel

When we had tried a lot of water slides, we decided to buy some ice-cream. When we all had bought an ice-cream, we just walked around in the park and talked. "Look!" Harry said and pointed at something. "It's a love tunnel, someone who's wanna try?" He was clearly alluding to me and Louis. I looked at Louis and he looked like a retarded. He had a huge smile, while he looked like a tomato. I just laughed. Liam and Zayn pushed us towards to the love tunnel. We both gave up to escape, and as the icing on the cake Louis took my hand. Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall whistled. 

As we sat in the boat in the love tunnel, the light began to dim, and the boat began to sail. Louis took my hand again and whispered in my ear: "This is just perfect" I blushed, luckily it was too dark to enable him to see it. I just squeezed his hand a little. 

When the tour was finished, we went out to the boys. They had placed themselves on a bench opposite the love tunnel. They waved like a crazy when they saw us. We waved back. Louis still held my hand. They looked really excited. When we was right in front of them, they began to ask. "Did you fell in love?" "Did you kiss?" "Do you love each other?" "Are you going to get married soon?" and so on... Louis laughed, and me?.. I really didn't know what to do..

We decided to take home. Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall got picked up by someone, I really don't know who is. And then I asked: "What about us?" "I drive you home" He said. 

We drove away from the water park, while we were talking about the day. Suddenly Louis stopped the car. "Where are we?" I asked confused. It was dark, and it was late. Actually now when I think about it, my mom didn't know where I was and when I'm coming home.. Arh whatever she will survive. "We are in the country, alone, under the stars" He said and pulled me out of the car. Then he pulled me towards him. We fell down on the grass, and then I just laid there in his arms. Looking at the stars. When we had laid there for a while without saying anything Louis suddenly said: "I was thinking about something" "About what?" I asked. "About us" He looked me in the eyes. "I really like you, and when we are together we always have fun. Eleanor you light up my world like nobody else. I know we only has known each other in two days, but.. Will you be mine?"

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