The story about Eleanor Calder and One Direction ♥

Eleanor Calder is a cheerful girl. She is exactly like every other girls, until the day she meets five very special boys, namely. One Direction.


5. Mom?

I ran over to my window that was facing the street. I could see a car in the street, and a human. The man in the car got out, and went to the human. There was some blood beside the human. "Mom?" "Mooooom?" I shouted from my room. I ran downstairs. "Mom, where are you?" "There is a wounded human in the street!" I shouted. My heart began to beat faster and faster. Then I ran over to the front door and opened it, after that I ran over to the human. And then my heart stopped and I got white in my face of fright. "Mom?.." I whispered with tears in my eyes.

"Hello. I need an Ambulance, now! My mom has been run down by a car" I panicked. Is she conscious? "No, I don't think so!" Do you know how to give heart massage? "No" I said while the tears flowed down my cheeks. Okay, where do you live? "I live in the street that goes up til the centre" I said. Ok just stay with your mother, and we'll be there in about 8 minutes. "Ok, but hurry!" I said. It became quiet in the other end, and then.. dut.. dut.. dut.. The man hurry went to his car, and then drove away. He'd nearly drove me over, just like he had done to my mother. "Mom, moom! Mom can you hear me?"

After long 8 minutes the ambulance arrived, and picked me and my mother up. My mom was laying on a stretcher, and I sat next to her. The paramedics is giving my mom heart massage. They have also put a lot appliances on her. I had many thoughts in my head. What if they can't save her? What if she's die. I would ask if she would survive, but I wouldn't interrupt. Instead I decided to text Louis.

#Hi Louis, my mom has been run down by a car, I don't know if she'll survive. :-(#

I waited on him to answer, then I got a message.

#I'm so sorry on your behalf. I wish I could do something. )':#

#The only thing we can do is to wait..# I texted him.

After a long drive, we finally arrived to the hospital. My mom went to her room on the stretcher. I had to wait outside. I was shaking, and I was really nervous. After something that felt like forever a doctor came out. He sat down on the chair next to me and looked at me. "Your mother is in coma, we don't know if she'll survive. She has some tough injuries" He said. I wiped a tear. I just nodded. "Hey, stay strong. We're trying our best to save her" He said encouraging.

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, and the birds sang. Me and my mother was on a picnik on a meadow. We were talking and laughing. But suddenly my mom fell, and she was torn up in the air. Then she disappeared in a big black cloud. 

I woke up bathing in sweat. It was just a nightmare, luckily. But my mom could die, was it a sign? I don't hope so. Where was I? The walls where white, and there stood a bed in the corner. My mom was laying in it. I was laying on a couch. My phone was ringing. "Hello?" I said. "Hi babe it's me Louis, I'm sorry if I interfere" "You don't, but why do you call at this time in the night? It's 02:00 am" I said tired. "I just wanted to ask how you're doing. And if your mom is better. I can't stop worry about your both, and then I can't sleep, sorry" He said. "It's nice of you that you worry so much about us, but I'm gonna be ok. Also my mother, hopefully. Right now she's in coma. You can maybe visit me and my mother on the hospital tomorrow? Only if you want to" "Of course I want to, and I'm so sorry about your mother. Hopefully she wake up soon" He said. "I hope too. See you tomorrow, goodnight" "Goodnight beauty" He said and hung up.

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