The story about Eleanor Calder and One Direction ♥

Eleanor Calder is a cheerful girl. She is exactly like every other girls, until the day she meets five very special boys, namely. One Direction.


4. Bad decision?

I looked at Louis, he'd just asked me to be his. Like his girlfriend. But we have only known each other for two days, is it too early? But look at him! He's adorable, sweet, handsome, nice and cute! My mouth wanted to scream yes, but my brain wouldn't. 70% of me is thinking yes, what can go wrong? And the last 30% is thinking that it's too early, and I'm not ready for this yet. Should I listen to the majority, or? I managed to escape from all my thoughts, and look at Louis again. He looked really nervous and then he bites his lip, it looked reallyyy cuute! I couldn't say no to that face. "Soo, what do you say?" He asked quiet. "I'm gonna say.. Yes!" His face lit up in to a huge smile, and then he pulled me close. "I will never leave you, and I will always be there for you. You will not regret your decision" He whispered in my ear. I believed him.

I woke up with a z. Was it all just a dream? No.. I was still laying in Louis' arms. It was sunrise. Omg, what about my mom!? She must be so worried! I got up in 1 second, and then Louis woke up. "Goodmorning" He said with the most beautiful smile in the world. "My mom! She dosn't know where I am!" I said. Oh no, I said it like it was his fault that I wasn't going home last night. "I'm so sorry I ca-" "Don't say you're sorry! It's not your fault" I said. "Ok, but I think I should drive you home now" We went to the car and he drove me home.

"How can you just stay out all the night, without calling or anything!?" My mom was really angry, but relieved that I had come home safe and sound. "I'm so sorry, I was with Louis and I totally forgot the time" I said innocently and looked to the ground. "Maybe it's not a good idea you are with him Louis anymore" I got so angry and sad on the same time. She couldn't just say that I'm not allowed to see him anymore, he's my boyfriend for god's sake! "Mom! He's my boyfriend!" "Boyfriend? You haven't told me about the point that you have a boyfriend" She said. "No mom, but you don't have to know everything!" I said and ran upstairs. I shut the door, and turn the lights off. "I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love" I said. It was true, I wanted Louis to hug me right now. I took the phone up from my pocket. No new messages. But hey, how would he know that I'm sad. I decided to message him. 

#Hey Louis, I miss you. My mom is soo angry, and she said that it's not a good idea I'm with you anymore! :'(#

I waited on him to answer. After maybe 40 seconds there came some sounds from my mobile.

#Hi babe everything is gonna be alright, I promise. :-) What about I come to your house tonight? Then we can watch movies :)x#

I smiled and then answered: #Sure, see you tonightx#

I was looking forward  for tonight, but then I heard an honking and a scream down from the street..


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