The story about Eleanor Calder and One Direction ♥

Eleanor Calder is a cheerful girl. She is exactly like every other girls, until the day she meets five very special boys, namely. One Direction.


1. The meeting


”Moom, I’m going to the mall” I shouted. “Ok, be home before dinner”

I took my jacket and closed the door. The mall wasn’t so far away, so I could easily walk.

Today was a sunny and hot day. There’s nearly 30 degrees. Oh btw, my name is Eleanor and I live in London. I’m still in high school.

When I arrived to the mall there wasn’t many people at all. Perhaps it’s because it’s so early in the morning.

I walked in and the first thing I saw, was that there was a sale at my favorite store. “Great!” I said to myself.

I 'girly ran' over to the store and glanced at the clothes in the windows. After that I tried some clothes on and bought it.

My stomach growled, I didn’t get any breakfast. I looked around and spotted a café. I walked over to the café, and found a table.

When I’d ordered, five boys came and sat at the table next to me. There was no other people in the café, maybe not in the entire mall.


Have I seen them somewhere before? I thought to myself. I didn’t think much more about it, and started to eat my food.

Sometimes I glanced on them, and then fast turned my face. I was very discreet, they may not think I’m lurking on them.

When I was finished eating my food, I couldn’t just sit there anymore. I got up and went straight to their table. “Ehm sorry, but have I seen or met you guys before? You look familiar” I said pretty quiet. The cute one with the striped shirt looked at me and then froze. I just stood there while they were looking at me. I shrugged. The blonde started to talk: “We’re in x-factor, maybe you seen us in the TV?” For a second I felt stupid. “Of course! You’re One Direction. You guys are pretty good” I said and smiled. “Thanks” The one in the striped shirt said. “I don’t watch x-factor so much, so ehm.. What’s your names?” I asked. “My name is Harry Styles, good to meet you” the curly one said. “My name is Niall Horan” The blonde said and smiled. “My name is Zayn Malik” The one with the black hair said. “My name is Liam Payne, it’s a pleasure to meet you” The gently one said. And then there was him with the striped shirt and red trousers. “My name is.. Louis. Louis Tomlinson I’m glad to meet you” He said with a smile. “Okay then” I said. “My name is Eleanor Calder”

The rest of the day me and the boys talked, laughed, shopped and exchanged numbers. “See you guys, I have to be home before dinner” I said and hugged them all one after one. When I came to Louis he hugged me longer time than the others did. “I can drive you home” He said with a gentle smile. “Well I live just a little further down the road, I can easily walk” “I insist” Louis said and looked me deep in the eyes. I got a little weak in my knees. "Ok then" I said. 

Louis and I went out to the car. When we was in the car, it was pretty quiet. Actually a little awkward. "Well.. What kind of music do you like?" I asked. "Uhm.. I like R'n'B" He said. Louis started the car and drove away from the mall. I gave him some advice, so he knows where I live. "Just stop here, that's my house" I said and pointed at my house. "Cool house" He said with a smile. When I was just about to go out of the car, he took my hand. "Wait" He said. I just sat there. "I really hope we can hang around tomorrow again" "Sure" I said and smiled. He smiled and kissed me on my cheek.

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