The cats of Refon temple

About cats who live in an old abandoned temple, have to fight the other cats of the nearby neighbouring ruins. The two tribes are the Refon Tribe and Sokoke Tribe, both have a prophecy that two cats will unite them, but will they realise which cats it is..........

Will not be continued, so I've labelled it as finished.


2. The Prophecy

Templestar sat beside Kestralclaw. The warm honey coloured Medicine Cat looked at her Alpha.

"I bet you they won't come." spat Templestar, getting to his feet. The cream tom looked around them as they waited at the gate of the Refon Temple.

Kestralclaw looked to Templestar, "They Templestar, wait."

The sound of rustling leaves made the two cats turn to see a black tom and a tabby she-cat walk toward them.

"Hello Diablo." Templestar said, not looking at the Sokoke Alpha.

"Templestar, Kestralclaw. What have you brought us here for, if not a fight?" Diablo asked, sitting down.

Kally, the Sokoke Tribe Medicine Cat spoke, "A prophecy."

Both Toms looked at her, their eyes nearly popping oput of their heads.

"Two cats, from both Tribes," Kestralclaw started, "Are destined to join us together. A warrior from the Refon Tribe and a warrior from the Sokoke." The four cats sat in silence, darkness swallowing them. The cream tom got his feet and walked a little way back into his terroity.

"Which two?" Diablo asked.

Kally shook her head, "I don't know but they will know as soon as they finish their apprenticeship."

"So they are born?" quizzed Templstar, looking at the rival tribe Medicine Cat.

"The One from the Sokoke Tribe is, the other from Refon Tribe  will be soon." said Kestralclaw, looking over her shoulder at a rustel in the bushes. All four cats lept up, ready to pounce. A young savannah she-cat walked toward them.

"What are you doing here Leopardfire?" spat Kally glaring at the lone cat.

"Just listening to the prophecy, Kally, no need to cause a fight." Leopardfire said in a sing-song voice.

"Well you shouldn't, a lone cat doesn't respect StarClan so has right to learn of their wishes." Diablo walked up to the cat and growled. The young cat backed down and slinked off, the shadows swallowing her in one gulp.


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