The cats of Refon temple

About cats who live in an old abandoned temple, have to fight the other cats of the nearby neighbouring ruins. The two tribes are the Refon Tribe and Sokoke Tribe, both have a prophecy that two cats will unite them, but will they realise which cats it is..........

Will not be continued, so I've labelled it as finished.


4. Sokoke Tribe: Learning the Hard Way

Dragonpaw watched his mentor Scar take on Jaro for a scrap of Sparrow. The young apprentice didn't know about his fate in this prophecy, he didn't even know there was one. But Diablo did, he sat on his rock, watching the cats as they fed, trying to find his Clan's chosen one. Kally walked up to him and stood watching the Clan.

"You won't know till they know Diablo." she said, her eyes drawn to Dragonpaw. The young apprentice started to clean his lovley tabby/leopard pelt, his eyes still watching the toms fighting. In the Sokoke Clan all the cats learned the hard way before becoming full Clan cats.

"I wish they did Kally, it seems unfair that they don't know about. And the prophecy says the cats will still be apprentices. The only two that are young enough are Dragonpaw and Soulpaw." Diablo looked at his son and then to his daughter. They had just turned six moons and had just started their apprenticeship.

"Sire, I know how it feels."Kally said, leaping down.

"I know you do Kally, your my best friend." Diablo smiled and retreated to his den.

Dragonpaw got up, fed up of waiting on Scar. His sister Soulpaw walked up, her mentor Jaro pulling at Scar's ear.

"I sometimes wish I was a Refon cat." Soulpaw said, looking at Dragonpaw.

"Soulpaw!" Dragonpaw whipped his head around, making sure no cat had heard, "What a thing to say!"

Soulpaw sat down, not bothered, "It's true, then we wouldn't have to wait forever for our mentors to teach us something."

"Aha!" came the winning cry of Scar as he pinned Jaro to the floor. The apprentices watched as Jaro sulked, his half-brother gulping down the prize.

Soulpaw got up, whipping her tail in Dragonpaw's face as she walked over to Jaro, "When will we start training?"

"Soon as Scar has finished we will all go and you can train together?" Jaro faced the small she-cat.

"But Dragonpaw will be a Fighter, and I am a Hunter!" protested Soulpaw, her fae turning sour.

Scar was sitting beside them, "And? Hunters still need target practice and their prey might attack in defence and Fighters need to fight so why not train together?"

"Fine," spat the appprentice, "Aslong as I ambush."

The cats nodded, they knew they were learning the hard way, Refon apprentices got it easy.

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