The cats of Refon temple

About cats who live in an old abandoned temple, have to fight the other cats of the nearby neighbouring ruins. The two tribes are the Refon Tribe and Sokoke Tribe, both have a prophecy that two cats will unite them, but will they realise which cats it is..........

Will not be continued, so I've labelled it as finished.


3. Refon Tribe: Kits are on the way!

A moon later Templestar was pacing up and down outside the Nursery. His mate Pebblefrost was kitting and Kestrelclaw wasn't letting him in. The she-cats cries rang loud and clear through the camp as she gave birth. Cloudheart, Fawnfire, Bluepelt and Brookeheart were out hunting. The Hunting apprentice was practicing outside the camp while the fighter Yellowfoot was  teaching his apprentice. Nightlover was helping Kestrelclaw as was Olivepaw, the apprentice Guardian. Templestar sat down, his ears twitching each time Pebblefrost cried out. Birdheart, seeing the Alpha's discomfort walked over and sat beside him.

"Are you okay Templestar?" he asked, watching the Alpha's ears.

"What?" he jumped, just noticing Birdheart beside him, "Yes, fine."

"You don't look it, come away to your den, wait till Kestrelclaw sends Olivepaw to tell you." Birdheart suggested.

"I think that would be wise Birdheart." the Alpha got to his feet and walked slwoly and silently toward his den. Slipping through the grass, covering his den he disappeared.

10 miutes later Olivepaw sat outside, "Templestar, Kestrelclaw says you can go and see Pebblefrost."

Templestars ears springed up and he lept to his feet. He burst outside, "Thank you Olivepaw." he cried as he bounded toward the nursery. He skidded to a halt outside, "Kestrelclaw, may I come in?" he asked.

"Yes sir, me and Nightlover are just leaving. The honey coloured cat appeared, followed by a black she-cat with a moon shape on her chest. As they walked off he slipped in, seeing the grey cat with speckles lying beside a sliver grey tom and a tiny golden colored she-cat.

"Hello," Pebblefrost said, quietly as she licked the kits, "Their perfect, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are." he rubbed his head ontop of Pebblefrost's as he gazed at his kit's.

"What should we name them?" Pebblefrost asked, looking at her mate.

"What about Silverkit for the tom and Cloudkit for the she-cat?" he asked, tentivly.

"I think Silverkit is okay but we already have Cloudheart?" Pebblefrost said sighing.

"Yes, I forgot. Hmmmmmm....." the tom sat down, thinking hard.

Pebblefrost looked at the kit then to Templstar, "What about Melodykit?"

Templstar nodded, licking the kit's in turn. Then he licked his mate and left her to bond with them.

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