Dornaa the Shaman

Dornaa who was once an orphan is now a powerful shaman whose fate lies in saving Azeroth from Deathwing the Destroyer. But how will she succeed when the world around her is consumed with chaos?


2. The World Pillar

Nobundo had told me that the World Pillar was going to be destroyed. The Pillar that held the weight of the world. Our world. I knew that if we didn't do anything soon, entire Azeroth would  crash into Deepholm, the realm of the Earth.

I knew what I had to do but it didn't take long for me to realise that things weren't going to be that easy. Something was terribly wrong.

We had only been in Deepholm for a few seconds, when suddenly the earth around us started moving. Tiny rocks covered in dirt slowly floated up from the ground and began shaping into a strange round figure with huge arms made of even bigger rocks. Strange hollow eyes appeared in the figures as they were shaped and suddenly there were at least 10 sets of eyes looking straight at us.

I knew that these "creatures" were earth elementals, but I had only dealt with them a few times in my training as a shaman. Earth elementals were supposed to be peaceful beings, but I could feel their anger. They were ready to attack.

Suddenly they all started moving towards us. They were hovering above the ground but it almost looked like they were running. I looked at Kalec and he nodded at me. We were ready to fight.

"The earth is not pleased with us being here!" I yelled as another earth elemental came charging towards me "They do not want to be disturbed!"

"Can you talk some sense in to them?" Kalec cast a ball of enegery at the elemental and it shattered at my feet.

"I don't know" I shook my head in disbelief "I've never seen them so angry..."

I knelt down on the ground and closed my eyes in an attempt to communicate with the earth. It was impossible to get a hold of even the tiniest rock. It almost felt like they were being controlled by something far greater. Perhaps it was the Earth Mother that Nobundo had been telling me about.

"Watch out!" Suddenly there was a large burst of enegery as Kalec knocked away the elementals that were surrounding us. Several of them shattered into tiny rocks but out of the tiny rocks came even more elementals.

I looked at Kalec in despair but he simply smiled at me. His eyes turned into a strange blue colour and suddenly he started growing rapidly. Huge wings erupted from his back and he roared as his hands and feet turned into big claws.

"What are you d-" Suddenly I was grabbed by Kalec who lift off several feet into the air in a single movement. The sudden rush of air left me breathless. Not until now did I realise that Kalec had turned into a dragon.

"Since when did you become a dragon?" I tried not to look down. I was terrible with heights.

Kalec's voice had deepened into a low grumble "Long story..."

I sighed "Well... I think I know where we need to go. We have to talk with the Earth Mother"

Kalec changed direction and flew towards the large stone formation where lights were coming out from behind it.

It was a beautiful yet strange experience to fly by all the floating rocks and glimmering diamonds. I couldn't help but smile when I felt the warm breeze run through my hair as were were flying high above. Nobundo had told me of the Earth realm and about how the World Pillar was the center of it all, but I never expected to experience it myself.

Kalec gently let go of me just a few feet off the ground right in front of a huge stone entrance. Two 10 metre tall earth giants covered in large chunks of diamond stood guarding it, and they grumbled as they saw Kalec and I approaching.

"You are not welcome here" The giants glared at us and disrupted us from going any further.

I took a deep breath "The World Pillar has been destroyed and we need to restore it." I sighed and begged inside for them to understand "We mean you no harm. Please... We must speak with the Earth Mother"



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