Two members of the Tigra clan, a part human, part feline society are hunting in the woods. They come across their enemy clan's leader. The story follows what happens next.


4. My Father

"Legra!’ Hite whispers harshly to me. I snap back to reality.

‘What?’ I respond tiredly.

‘Look there,’ he replies quietly. It was impossible. It was Leone; the president of the Leo clan, walking with his four heavily built bodyguards. My father, the person I hate most in the world. We hide in the bushes. I want nothing more than to jump out of the bush and rip his throat out. I hate him because I am simply the offspring of Leone raping a Tigran female slave. I growl at the memory of my mother and Hite hits my head to quiet me. Leone killed my mother, raking his claws across her neck and laughing as she bled to death. I wish to do the same to him. We have an unspoken rule in our kingdom; if we can kill Leone, we do it, even if it costs our lives. Hite and I nod to each other and without speaking, we both know, we have to kill Leone. Slowly, we begin following him.


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