Two members of the Tigra clan, a part human, part feline society are hunting in the woods. They come across their enemy clan's leader. The story follows what happens next.


6. Instinct

I nod to Hite; we know the drill. Our hunting instincts kick in. Hite charges on the right, swipes at the Pantherian’s face and runs off. They are quick to react. The Pantherian growls and charges after Hite with the Jagtigra and the Leothra behind him. Hite is the fastest Tigran in our clan and has a large lead. The only thing that worries me is the Leothra and the Pantherian; they have more stamina.


Leone is alone with the Liger. They have chosen a brisker pace to return to their village. I know it is better to emerge now before the guards come back. I jump out from behind the tree and spring at the Liger. He is like me, part Leo and part Tigra but he is a traitor. I rake at his face, tearing skin, whiskers and half of his eye. He roars in pain. Leone begins running towards his home, but he is fat, an overindulgent president. The Liger punches me in the stomach and stabs at my chest. I am stronger than him due to years of hunting. I punch him in the face; I hear his cheekbone crack and watch his bone crumble into his face. He rumbles painfully and without thinking, without mercy, I run my claws across his neck. He immediately begins bleeding profusely and I can see the life run out of his eyes. I don’t bother watching his death; I have to kill Leone.


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