Two members of the Tigra clan, a part human, part feline society are hunting in the woods. They come across their enemy clan's leader. The story follows what happens next.


8. I Am Proud


Suddenly, I hear a scream emanating from behind. It’s Hite. I throw the bone out of my hand and run after the noise. It’s close by. My muscles hurt but I push through the pain and run towards Hite. ‘HITE!’ I scream. I reach a clearing and I see him writhing on the ground, his stomach cut open.

‘Hite! We have to go, come on.’ A glimmer of hope rushes through me; there is no one in sight and our village is only a few kilometers away. We can make it! I lift him up and hear a rustle on the left; with dread I realize, this is a trap. They all emerge from the trees, bushes and rocks, the Jagtigra on my left, the Pantherian in front of me and the Leothra on my right. I close my eyes. Jeen ect Tigran, para timar kof, I say to myself. It means, I am a Tigran and I am proud. I open my eyes and see the Pantherian leap at me. It is the last thing I see.

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