Two members of the Tigra clan, a part human, part feline society are hunting in the woods. They come across their enemy clan's leader. The story follows what happens next.


1. Hunt


We await the deer. I growl quietly to signal my albino brother, Hite. He nods and paws closer in. We wait and stare. The deer is grazing. He hasn’t realized we are here. The deer turns his head and we leap. Time slows. We are in the air. His head has spun around and his ears are pricked up. We land softly on our front paws and - without waiting to land completely on the ground - we spring up on our front paws and charge. Our front feet are extended forward, our back feet extended backwards; this is our first motion. Our front feet inside, our back feet forward; our second motion. We continue this rhythm. First motion, second motion, first motion, second motion. The deer has taken sight of us. He runs, but we are faster. We keep the chase. Close now, we see his matted fur and his sinew poking out of his skin.



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