Two members of the Tigra clan, a part human, part feline society are hunting in the woods. They come across their enemy clan's leader. The story follows what happens next.


7. Death


I run after the tracks Leone has made and within a minute, he is in my view. He is sweating and breathing heavily, barely able to keep himself upright. I pounce on him and knock him to the ground. Pinning him, I ask ‘Do you remember me?! Do you?’

He laughs and spits in my face, ‘I know you. You’re the child of a slave.’

I wipe the spit of my face and reply, ‘I know I am the son of an honorable Tigran mother. And I’ve waited for this day since I was born.’

‘Honorable? Hahaha,’ he howls at me. ‘She was a sex slave and nothing mo-’

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence. I’ve ripped his throat out, literally. I tore his pharynx out. He stays dead on the ground, like a gutted fish.


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