Heart Attack

Made for my english class. About a man who wakes up routinely and suffers from a heart attack.


4. Life And Death


His head connected with the wooden floor and bounced up, vibrating. The plate twirled in the air, with specks of grease flying out as if from a drooling dog shaking its head. The grease circled through the air and landed on the ground near him and on his face, scorching his skin, blistering it bright red. The yellow grease dribbled to his shirt staining it such as butter would. He twitched on the ground and his mouth foamed. He fought through the pain in his heart, in his chest and in his arm. Slowly and painfully, he dragged himself to the telephone. His shirt picked dust off the ground. He inhaled the dust and sneezed, his body twitching again. He moved forwards again, and lifted his meaty right arm to the tip of the table and pulled himself up. He grabbed the flawless white telephone and dialed 999. Just as he was about to press the call button, his body erupted into a spasm. Taking the phone with him, he fell down, his chest hitting the ground with an incredible force. His mouth foamed again, his chest heaving into itself. The veins on his neck bulged. His eyes lost focus and glazed over. His breath stopped. His movement stopped. His heart stopped. The phone swayed near his head slowly. After a few moments, it stopped. He was dead. 

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