Heart Attack

Made for my english class. About a man who wakes up routinely and suffers from a heart attack.


2. Hunger


Digging his toes into the carpet, he occasionally brushed past crushed crackers in the carpet. He walked down the stairs, still groggy. Stopping on the fourth step, he stretched. However, he overbalanced and fell down the stairs. Fortunately, the thick carpet and the man’s fat absorbed most of the blows. Fully awake now from the bruises, he dragged his feet to the kitchen and sat on a crudely built wooden stool. Though his body ached, he was happy, as the chef had made his favorite breakfast before leaving. Eyeing the greasy bacon hungrily, he smiled. With a clean fork, he stabbed a strip of bacon. Lard oozed out from the holes and dripped down his fingers and arm as he crammed the strip into his mouth. He chewed and chomped and swallowed the strip completely. A second strip was to follow the first; the fork reached to his mouth, with the bacon hanging off of it, when the man froze – something was wrong.

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