Heart Attack

Made for my english class. About a man who wakes up routinely and suffers from a heart attack.


1. Awaking


The fat man woke up, his belly hanging over the waistband of his pajamas. He yawned and croaked from the acrid taste in his mouth and realized the Cuban cigars that had been so fat and appealing last night were the cause of it. He struggled to get off his bed and began rocking forward. Using his momentum, he pushed his saggy body forward. Being overweight, he fell to his knees. Luckily, he landed on a lush and soft carpet from Italy. He pushed himself upwards, his belly jiggling below him like jelly. Grunting, he opened his white bathroom door, stained by cigarette burns from wild parties. His marble sink was littered with creams, mouthwash, toothbrushes, hair gel and condoms. Critically, he examined his yellow toothbrush and decided to use a new one. Limply, he brushed his teeth with gel toothpaste on the new brush. He spat out the paste and smiled. Teeth, yellow with plaque and black, bleeding gums reflected on the mirror. In spite of the peppermint toothpaste, his breath smelled of nicotine and onions. It would take more than just toothpaste and a toothbrush to solve the problem. With an irritated frown and a guttural sigh, he threw his brush down, where specks of water flew of it and onto his feet. An annoyed kick upwards sent the droplets scattering. He walked out of his bathroom on to the welcoming, cool carpet. 

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