A Boy With Appendicitis

Matthew Daniels is an ordinary sporty 14 year old boy. He loves playing Football/Soccer. But not now. He has got serious stomach aches his parents are worried for him. Will he make it?


2. Something Strange is Happening

I woke up and realised it was a Saturday. This means I was free from school today and tomorrow. I ate my Cornflakes and watched some TV. My stomach rumbled and I started to feel a slight pain in my stomach. Maybe it's my imagination. So I continued to watch the Sports Channel.

Later my Parents were awake and we dressed up to go and drop my 3 year old sister Sasha to Kindergarten. We went to lunch at Gloria Jeans Coffee.  Now my stomach started to ache a bit. I told my parents about my stomach and they started to worry about me. They took me to the doctor and explained whats happening to me. The doctor said that to just wait until tomorow and see what happens.

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