Laisper's True Destiny!

Laisper used to think being a tall, long eared, purple elf was not all that bad until she found out that she could turn into a cat, bear, and etc.. But she also liked the fact that she could turn into animals when ever she wanted to instead of being an elf all the time. She always wondered if she got those powers by accident not knowing that she got them to help and protect the things she believes in and the things she cares about the most.


1. The Awakening

       I woke up from the bed I was laying on. I tried to remember what had happen to me for me to end up in a place I knew nothing about. I tried to remember where my family and friends where. But when I tried all I saw was darkness. So I gave up trying to remember what happened before the accident. I got up from the bed and turned on the lights in the dark room. I examined the room in the light. There was nothing I needed or was mine in the room. So I just went back to the bed and sat down. Then I heard foot steps walking toward the room I was in. The door knob turned and there in the door way was a night elf girl. She looked about my age. She had long blue hair about to her back. She was wearing blue pants and a white puffy shirt. She had a tray in her hand filled with fruit, chicken, and juice. All I did was look at her with a blank expression. When I looked to see the people behind her I saw my parents and friends! So I was happy to know they were not hurt. Laisper gets up and walks slowly to the girl with the tray.


"Hey... Do you need any help with that? It looks kinda heavy!" I tell her with a friendly smile on my face. As she walks in the room I am in.


"Sure. But aren't you still kinda weak from when you passed out in the park? After all you did hit the ground pretty hard. " She says looking at me concerned.


"No I am not weak. I been up for a couple of minutes and nothing bad has happened to me yet!" I say with a big smile as I put my hands out for the tray. But while I was reaching for it my eyes sight got all blurry I could not see a thing that was in front of me! I could also hear a light soft ringing in my ears. I took my hands away from the tray and brought them to my head. What was happening to me? Is this going to happen all the time? If it does how long will it take to end and why was it happening to me?! But It ended after I put my hands on my head. Then I turned to see what was happening behind me. Everyone was looking at me. Some were even whispering something to other people as they pointed at me. I felt something hit my leg. So i decided to look behind me and see what it was. There Swishing side to side was a tail! I freaked out as I held it in my hand maybe if I was lucky maybe it was some other Night Elf playing a prank on me. So I waited an hour or two and it didn't go away but the mob of people had. I locked my door once they left for no one could see me like this.


I put the purple long tail in my hands. What if something else weird happens. What If I end up having this tail forever. Would people call me a freak for have a purple tail that was the color of my hair behind me. I then wondered if there were going to be more surprises like this one. If there were what were they going to look like? Then I felt something on my head. I felt on my head to see what it was. It felt like ears. They were furry but I didn't believe what I was feeling. So I took a brush and tries brushing it down boy was that a stupid Idea. I hurt my head doing that! So I ran to the mirror In the room and looking in it. I should have knew something like this was going to happen. After all if you get a tail you should know that some kinda ears where going to come with it. But it was cat ears and the same color as me hair and tail too! I walked back to the bed. While I was walking my tail hit something off the dresser. "Stupid tail. Is this what i am going to have to get use to. Knocking down things with it." 

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