Not All Things End Well.

Tamara is a normal every day teenager, until she arrives at her new school were everything goes wrong, the girls are bitches and the teachers dont care, her parents wont listen and nothing will go right, may Tamara's thoughts and new life lead to a bad ending?

can people please leave comments and advice, im entering this into a comp :)


1. The Move


I close my eyes and try to imagine the new town I’m about to belong to, will it be the same as my beautiful hometown? I don’t want to leave my little town, Goulburn, I belong there it’s were my friends are, my family. I will miss the lush green grasses of spring and the bliss hot evenings of summer. Will my new home be the same? Will the people I'll be going to school with be nice? These are questions I cannot answer until we arrive in Bathurst. I open my eyes as we stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere I turn to my mother, she looks tired, there’s dark circles under her beautiful green eyes, her light brown hair is a mess.

“Mum, why are we doing this?” she frowns as she looks at me.

“I know you don’t want to leave your friends hunny but,” Why did I say anything? I know I’m about to get a lecture. “Your dad needs this job, he’s got a beautiful house and it’s a nice neighbourhood. You will love it. Now I don’t want to hear another complaint come out of your mouth.”

I pretended to zip my lips shut and throw away the key, mum smiled and got out of the car.

“Do you want any lunch?”

“How long till we get to Bathurst?”

“Only another hour.”

“Okay I’m alright thanks.”

I rested my seat back and closed my eyes again. I don’t want to hurt my parents, but there hurting me by taking me away from what I love most. I know I have to do it though, for my mum and dad.

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