Not All Things End Well.

Tamara is a normal every day teenager, until she arrives at her new school were everything goes wrong, the girls are bitches and the teachers dont care, her parents wont listen and nothing will go right, may Tamara's thoughts and new life lead to a bad ending?

can people please leave comments and advice, im entering this into a comp :)


6. The End.

I awoke about an hour ago. I decided that I’ve had enough. I jump on the laptop and look up random stuff about hospitals. I find some interesting things before giving up and deciding how the end will happen.

I walk into my bedroom grab a pen and paper and start writing.


Dear Mum.

It upsets me to say this and I don’t think you will care. The point things have come to is something I can’t handle anymore. I’ve only just realised no one cares about me, not you, not dad, I have no friends, the teachers don’t care, maybe everyone will be better off without me. Please don’t get upset. This is the only time I will admit it even to myself. I’m depressed, lonely, unwanted, I’m forced to cry myself to sleep and you haven’t even noticed. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, and this probably isn’t a good time to tell you, but I’m about 80% sure dads having an affair. Our family is no more. I can’t live like this and if I’m being forced to then I can’t live at all. Mum I hope you can understand what I’m about to do is for everyone’s best interest. I love you mum.

My eyes start to tear up as I write the last few words but I have no choice. This is my decision, I’m sticking by it.

Goodbye Mum. Tamara.

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