Not All Things End Well.

Tamara is a normal every day teenager, until she arrives at her new school were everything goes wrong, the girls are bitches and the teachers dont care, her parents wont listen and nothing will go right, may Tamara's thoughts and new life lead to a bad ending?

can people please leave comments and advice, im entering this into a comp :)


5. Reality.

I got up as fast as I could and went to lock the back door; I’m the only one home as my mum is at work. After seeing that comment I wasn’t ready to risk anything.

I heard someone out the front, I stopped mid in the lounge room. I haven’t locked the front door yet. I watch the door nob turn, someone was coming in. Slowly the door was opening. Oh my god!

Lyric and Felicity walk in. “Bitch! Get out of my house!” I shout at them.

“Were here to warn you,” she pauses and smiles, “that we know you saw the video, and you’re not going to tell ANYONE or you’ll be in hospital again. Except this time you won’t be coming out!”

I stared in shock it took me a while to respond but I had to build up the courage eventually. “Go ahead and try I’m showing the teachers!”

“Bitch no one likes you! Why are you even bothering? Not even your dad wants you. You think he’s out working when really he’s been at my house all week sleeping with my mum! While my dad is actually out working! So you’re going to pay for it you little bitch!” what no she’s lying... of coarse she is.

“I haven’t even been here for a week!”

“No but your dad has.”

She’s right he has been here for more than a week. My parents don’t care about me, I have no friends and well maybe everyone will be better off without me? Felicity takes a step towards me.

“Lyric let’s leave her she’s not worth it.” She turned around to lyric, and she’s right I’m not worth anything. If things end tonight no one will care, maybe they won’t even notice. I’ve decided things will be easier this way.

“NO! Her stupid pathetic father is going to rip my family apart! She will pay!”

Lyric pushes me to the ground and punches me in the face, again and again and again, but I’m not going to stop her. I give up on everything. On life. Lyrics still on top of me, my eyes are closed. Please let me sleep now, everything stops well at least I think it does. I hear lyric laughing and they must have left because I heard the front door open and close.

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