Not All Things End Well.

Tamara is a normal every day teenager, until she arrives at her new school were everything goes wrong, the girls are bitches and the teachers dont care, her parents wont listen and nothing will go right, may Tamara's thoughts and new life lead to a bad ending?

can people please leave comments and advice, im entering this into a comp :)


3. No Escape.

Its the third day at my new school, yesterday was horrible. Lyric and Felicity weren’t at school but Kyra, Katrina and Lauren still gave me a hell of a day. Laughing at me from the back of the class, calling me names when they walked past me in the hall, pushing me around during sport and not letting me onto the school quadrangle.  Lyric and Felicity were here today though, and is what I didn’t know was that today was going to be a whole lot worse. It was recess and I was sitting down stairs by the maths building, in a corner between two walls and there were a bunch of trees in front of me. I found it yesterday when I was trying to get away from the terrible three, no one knew I was here and I doubted anyone would find me or even bother looking for me. Today I may have been wrong though. I started eating when I thought I heard my name, I thought I was hearing things and went back to eating.

“Tamara,” there it was again, that was defiantly my name. “Tamara! Come out, come out were ever you are!” that’s lyric! I hear their footsteps crunching on leaves around the corner. I cover my mouth with my hands and clench my eyes shut. I listen to each and every footstep they make as they laugh amongst each other shouting my name.  I slowly opened my eyes, I was hoping that they wouldn’t see me that they would give up looking for me. Then I saw them, they didn’t see me at first they walked straight past. I clenched my eyes shut as the wind started blowing towards me, they were defiantly going to turn around. I couldn’t handle this I couldn’t, I clenched my eyes shut again. That’s when I heard Lauren talk.

“There she is, look!” I hear them all running towards me, I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t believe it was true, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, and I won’t. I opened my eyes and there they were all five of them staring down at me. It took all the energy I had to slowly stand up. The moment I was on my two feet Lyric took a step forward and punched me in the face. Ouch that hurt! Then Kyra pushes me over and they all start laughing and kicking into me, my body aches, but they don’t stop. Don’t they understand that it’s hurting me? They clearly don’t care. I hear a bunch of other people in the background as my vision starts to go all fuzzy I try to concentrate on the green of the leaves on the trees instead of the pain in my body. They stop, now it hurts more. One of them stands over me I can’t tell who it is my eyes are slowly closing.

“Let’s finish this.” They were the last words I heard before I got dragged up by the hair and thrown against a wall.

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