Not All Things End Well.

Tamara is a normal every day teenager, until she arrives at her new school were everything goes wrong, the girls are bitches and the teachers dont care, her parents wont listen and nothing will go right, may Tamara's thoughts and new life lead to a bad ending?

can people please leave comments and advice, im entering this into a comp :)


4. Cyberbully.


My eyes slowly flutter open, were am I? Is this a hospital? What happened? My head hurts. I’m hungry, and thirsty. Where’s my mum? Why can’t I remember anything after lunch at school? Am I still in Bathurst? A doctor walks in.

“Oh Tamara, your awake. How are you feeling?”

“Were am I? Where’s my mum?”

“You’re at the hospital you fell down the stairs at school and fractured your ribs and got a concussion, you probably won’t remember what happened until tomorrow,”

“How many days have I been in here for?”

“Just overnight its nine o’clock right now, do you remember anything?”

“No, but I didn’t fall down stairs? The last thing I remember is the trees and Lyric laughing...” it clicked I don’t know what happened but I bet that whore had something to do with it, “Lyric!”

“Tamara, who’s Lyric?”

“A girl from school, I can’t remember how but she did this to me and I know why.”

“Why Tamara?”

“Because she hates me her and her friends, Felicity, Lauren, Kyra and Katrina they all do. I’ve only been at the school for two days I don’t understand anymore.” I started balling my eyes out; my mum told me that we would have a better life here. She was so wrong.  I hate her so much.

“Tamara, Felicity is my daughter and she would never do something like this to you. Trust me you will remember you fell down the stairs.” He walked out of the room. What a dickhead his daughter is a bitch.


I stayed home the next day and mum got a tad bit worried, but she didn’t say anything. I went over to the computer and went online and on facebook I found it. The video of them beating me up it was a link to YouTube I watched it as I started crying, why was this happening to me? I Read the comments the first few were things like ‘haha weak bitch she deserved it.’ Or ‘this is so funny I’ve watched it like 20 times now’ I felt like I was being stabbed in the heart. No one cares about me. No one wants me here. Mum won’t let me leave. There is only one other option... No I can’t, could I? I continue to look at the comments when I see that Lyric commented on it, she said ‘Who the fuck put this up, we made her believe she fell down stairs if she sees this and shows it to the teachers me and my girls will be in shit, so you better hope she doesn’t’ then I realise that another girl I don’t know commented on it, her name was Patricia Ryan. She kind of stood up for me she said, ‘That not fair is it, you’s all ganged up onto her she had no chance. Just because your boyfriend said that she’s hot, lyric that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to do something like that’ then lyric, Kyra and Katrina started arguing with her they were calling each other names like slut, whore, bitch, dog and other nasty stuff. I wanted to get off it but I couldn’t. I just kept staring at it crying feeling like I had a knife through my heart. Another comment popped up and I refreshed my page. I read the comment and stared in shock.

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