Poem that came second in a poetry competition a few years ago.


1. Graveyard

Standing in the shadow of a yew tree

The black clad figures murmur

As the robin sings a high sad song

A song you can't remember.


A lady, old and short

Dragging a trolley cries:

"Oh war, war has taken my son!"

But nobody replied.


And the tomb stones stand like injured soldiers,

They lead but do not fall,

And bear the name of their owners 

Who lived some time before


Who cares for happiness in the graveyard?

For hope, for life, for joy.

All laughter is banished from the graveyard,

All glee they must destroy.


Here I stand in the shadows,

As if I were alive,

But I was buried long ago,

Destined never to thrive.


So when you go into the graveyard,

Spread a little joy,

I'll be seeing you some time or another, friend,

And that you can't stop or deny. 

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