Tom – no one knows the torment he feels, the rejection and the inner battle he fights every day. An existence of two people in one body, forever in conflict.

Christie – a little different to normal but what’s normal anyway? She has grown to like herself and accept that we are all human beings regardless of appearance and sexuality.

This is a portrayal of Tom’s frustrations and Christies acceptance and forgiveness.

-entry into the bullying competition :)


3. Sharpie-Tom


“Hey Christie!” I yelled as she waddled along the pavement towards the Science block. The bell rang ten minutes ago and she is officially late. I tend to hang back and walk to class when it suits me.

Jake, the guy who gets a buzz when he picks on others, appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Christie’s bag and yanked her back. She yelped and dropped her stack of books everywhere. I couldn’t help but laugh. If I had to live in hell, than so should she. 

I jogged towards the scene with my multi-flavoured slushy in my hand whilst Jake wrestled her to the floor and pinned her down.

“Let go, I really have to get to class!” she squealed, trying to push Jake off her. 

“Taste the rainbow!” I snickered as I tipped the slushy contents all over her head. An improvement had been made. 

Christie screamed as the ice fell in her eyes and dribbled down her face, it’s not like it was smearing any makeup. Shards of ice fell into her combed hair that was cropped and shaved at the back. For some psychotic reason, I felt a buzz as if I could possibly get high from bullying her.

Jake grabbed a black Sharpie out of his jeans pocket, ripped the lid off and began writing on her forehead senselessly. She screamed as pen scraped across her skin, he was angrily digging it into her head with no mercy for her. I helped pin her down until he finished scrawling the word across her somewhat greasy skin. 

Christie continued thrashing her arms and tried her damn hardest to wrestle us off her. Eventually, she was free of us and instinctively touched her forehead. Jake and I were laughing hysterically. 

Hastily, she grabbed her phone out of her pocket and held it up to her head. It wasn’t a mirror but it did the job of reflecting the word back at her: les.

Tears started to form, but didn’t fall. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably, and she was frozen to the spot, unsure if it was safe for her to run. 

“Boo,” I laughed in her face and she jumped. Seconds after, she turned and ran, checking over her shoulder to see if we were coming, when she saw that we weren’t moving, she seemed to relax slightly, even though she was still racked with fear. When she reached the door to the Science block, she swung it open and let it slam shut behind her. 

“That was fun,” Jake said, chuckling as he placed the cap back on the Sharpie and stuffed it into his pocket. And it had been fun; it had felt good to make her feel like shit. 

I felt like I was high on adrenaline, my body pounding with excitement and my heart racing. 

I grabbed a pack of fags out of my hoody pocket, picked out two and lit them with my lighter. I handed one to Jake. Who nodded in thanks and began to puff away, the end glowing orange as held it between his lips. A second after, he released a breath of smoke out of the corner of his mouth; I watched the smoke spiral and flutter away. 

My attention was jolted when I heard some kind of bird chirp as it flew through the sky. I looked up to see the tiny bird, a robin, flap her delicate, tiny wings merely half a metre above my head. I spun around and continued to watch her as she flew away. I wondered what it would be like to fly away like she could, to escape this world and find somewhere new. And if she weren’t accepted there, she could take off whenever she felt like it and never return. If I had wings, they would be strong and powerful, like a hawk’s, and I wouldn’t have to worry about my state of being because it wouldn’t matter, I could always fly away when things got tough. But that was a fairytale, and we all knew that they didn’t exist. 

Jake nudged me, bringing me back to Earth, and looked at me with concern.

“You alright, mate?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded as I put the cigarette between my lips and soon blew out a puff of smoke. “We’re going to get caught, you know.”

“So? Since when did you care?” Jake frowned. “Fine...if we hear someone coming, we run, okay?”

I nodded in agreement. Luckily for us, we managed to finish our smoke in peace. Shortly after, we decided to walk to our lesson. We only had half of it left anyway.  

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