Tom – no one knows the torment he feels, the rejection and the inner battle he fights every day. An existence of two people in one body, forever in conflict.

Christie – a little different to normal but what’s normal anyway? She has grown to like herself and accept that we are all human beings regardless of appearance and sexuality.

This is a portrayal of Tom’s frustrations and Christies acceptance and forgiveness.

-entry into the bullying competition :)


4. Sharpie-Christie

Is it easy to say who is a victim of bullying and who isn't? Is it just based on who is pretty and who isn't? Or are there other factors that decide who is eligible? I have been a victim of bullying throughout my school life, however, this story is only a segment of this, a taster of the hell I have to endure on a regular basis. Over 4000 people my age commit suicide because of bullying, and if this personal hell continues, I fear I might be one of them. 

Yet I am strong and determined - good will overcome evil. There is no doubt about it. My prayers will be answered, and I will be saved. But how long do I have to wait? How long do I have to fight?

“Hey Christie!” I heard Tom’s voice ripple through the silence. I quickened my pace, I was only a couple minutes from the Science block, if I could reach it quickly, then I’d be safe. He couldn’t hurt me. But he would later, when I least expected it. You see, this has been going on for years, he jumps out of corners that I can’t see, or he’ll shout horrible things at me across the hall and everyone will stand and laugh at me because they find it funny that I’m into girls. They think I’m different, when in fact; I’m human, just like them, although, apparently, I don’t count as normal. 

My heart lurched out of my chest when someone grabbed the top of my backpack and yanked me back, hard. I lost balance and stumbled backwards, throwing my books everywhere, loose paper flying and fluttering away. I saw his deadly eyes and sharp features, and instantly knew who it was: Jake. Yet he wasn’t the worst of bullies. 

My chances of escape were shattered when Jake slammed me into the ground; the impact sent a shoot of pain up my spine. I winced in agony. 

Tom jogged over to get a good look at me, to see how terrified I was. I knew nothing about him, why it made him feel so good to single me out. Did it make him feel powerful?

“Let go, I really have to get to class!” I yelled, trying to shake his hand off my backpack.  My entire body was shaking with terror and fear as the many dreadful ideas of what they could do to me, tumbled through my thoughts. Instinctively, I changed gears, the gear of defence and escape. I had to get away, and fast. 

“Taste the rainbow!” he growled wildly and he tipped the contents of a slushy cup onto my face. I screamed and tried to wrestle free, but these boys were too strong. The thousands of sharp shards hit my face with colossal impact, feeling like tiny knives cutting through my skin. The blush slush dribbled down my face and into my hair. 

I looked up at Tom, begged him to stop with my eyes but he stood over me, with adrenaline filling the dark depths of his eyes, and snarled whilst Jake grabbed a Sharpie from his pocket and launched at my face with it. I thrashed and kicked, but Tom forced me still as his friend came at me with the permanent marker. A wild screech escaped my lips as Jake dug the pen into my forehead as if he was carving a message into a tree with a knife. 

I would not admit defeat, I would carry on marching until my rainbow appeared and this nightmare ended. Thrashing out my legs and arms harder than before, I managed to free myself from their firm grip and scramble to my feet. Shakily, I grabbed my phone from my pocket, the screen was like a mirror; it reflected what it saw, and it saw the word ‘les’ tattooed across my forehead. 

Tears stung my eyes, how could someone do this? How could someone be so heartless? I refused to let the tears fall, I was stronger than them, and I would not fall. 

“Boo,” Tom laughed evilly, making me jump and my skin prickle. I turned and ran before it was too late. I whipped my head around to check if they were coming and they were still stood, watching me with hunger and hatred in their eyes. They were monsters.

When I reached the Science block door, I threw it open and hurried inside, still consumed with fear. Instead of going to class, I scurried to the girls’ toilets and stood in front of the mirror above the basin. Peering back at me was an ugly, fat girl who was lonely and miserable. When Tom tormented me, I tried my best to not let it overpower me and take over my life, I tried to keep my head high and walk on as if I wasn’t affected by it, but inside, I was shattering into tiny, broken pieces. Inside, I was weak and afraid. 

Whilst staring at my reflection, I wondered, is this all that life will offer me? Living hell? The thought of continuing the rest of my school life scared out of my mind just seemed unbearable, and I knew I didn’t have the strength for it anymore. Would I ever be free from this? Would I ever see my rainbow?    

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