World of Warcraft


1. Battle has commenced

I am Sylvanas Windrunner, the Queen of the forsaken, the leader of the undead in the undercity. I used to live with my sisters, Alleria and Veressa in Silvermoon. I now live in the Undercity. I am a member of the Windrunner family of the high elves.

I hated Arthas and I always will for what he did to me, killing me then bringing me back to life thinking he can control me urk.. it makes me sick. Now I am an undead banshee.I have the ability to drain someones life, create skeletons and use mind control, I could also hit a flying bird right in the eye.

It was midnight and I couldnt get to sleep. Everynight I always have nightmares about terrible things happening to me, because of Arthas, giving me a painful, tortured death. It was pitch black and cold in this room. I could hear creaks coming from the ceiling. All of a sudden I heard loud footsteps outside the door. Who would be up this late at night? i thought.  I got up slowly trying not to make any noise. I quickly got my sharp golden sword from my glass cupboard. I stood at the side of the door and held my sword at my side.The door shot open.

"Queen Sylvanas, Queen Sylvanas?whispered my loyal servant Vince.

"What is it Vince?Why are you up in the middle of the night?  You must be up before 7 to prepare for Allerias birthday party tomorrow. I thought you were an intruder you shouldnt be wandering around during the night and you could of at least knocked on the door" I said.

"Im so sorry I didnt mean to disturb you, but we have company. I got  told the city a few miles away were under attack and they will be coming for us any minuite" panicked Vince.

A shiver ran through my whole body. "Secure all the doors quickly and tell all the soldiers to stand guard" I shouted.

I heard a noise from outside people were screaming and shouting crying for help. Lots of the houses were on fire. Families were trying to save their children. People were getting slaughtered, burned and abused. Outside the windows i could see people fighting, fighting for their lives. There was blood everywhere. The city was turning into ashes. My heart was pounding I felt like I was about to faint. I quickly ran downstairs. Opened the doors. Battle has commenced.

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