A compelling story about a woman who cannot escape an 'asylum' she has been kept in from since she was born.


1. Here Again

Blinking, the light hits my eyes. As the blur empties from my eyes the four walls, the same walls come back to me. I'm not scared; they've been here all my life. I'm not scared. I’m terrified.

I hear footsteps down the cold dark corridor. I sit up. They’re coming for me again. I go to put my hands on the floor and stand. The cold concrete sends shivers up my spine but I have no time for that now. I must hide. I must become of the shadows, even though they are no safer place as where I am now but still I slip to the edges of the room, hoping to blend into darkness. The footsteps are on top of me now. The lattice window in the top of the door slides open and two cold hard eyes peer into the room. Searching every part till it sees me. An injured animal trapped in a corner. I see a bizarre, haunting smile rise on his face. His eyes rise and glisten at my expense. He gives a small cackle slams the window shut and leaves me with nothing but the sound of footsteps getting further and further away...

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