WOW:Blood Elves Power

I am Starr.I am power.I am a blood elf and blood elves will rule the world.


2. Who i was

"My queen we have won"I repeated. She smiled at me and pats me on the head like a puppy dog. I know that we have won because of me without me the blood elves will be gone. She pointed at a slave and he ran to her. "For you my fellow warrior"she whispers offering the slave to me. I smell the fear of the slave he repeats please don't hurt me. But what can I do killing is the way of life. I bit the slave as blood fills my mouth she smiles at me. The Night elf is a beautiful creature. She has eyes that glow at midnight and wonderful hair that falls behind her. She treats me like a child and for that i would never betray her.

We are grouped into our classes and given names my name is princess which means i have power next to the queen and i am like royalty. The queen trusts me and offers me the bloody enchanted bow.

"No I couldn't"I mumble. The enchanted bow has never been touched for anyone beside the queen. "No Starr take the bow for you are worthy it"The queen replied handing me the enchanted bow . I hold it and smell the blood. The enchanted bow given to you was like being kissed by the queen. I never knew who i was. The queen had raised me from a early age I was about 6 then she raised me like her daughter and turned me into a blood elf. Working beside the queen was a amazing thing for me. But I know even a single mistake could get someone killed.

I always wondered have i ever been hit with the arrow it had breathtaking power. But I knew if i asked I could be killed. I knew how lucky I was and would be killed protecting the queen. I knew some of the elves were envious of me. The Blood elves will rule the world.

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