WOW:Blood Elves Power

I am Starr.I am power.I am a blood elf and blood elves will rule the world.


4. The Battle Starts


I stare at myself in the mirror shocked to see the monster I had become. When suddenly my trusted follower James LiveButt ran in his face flushed with red and panting for air.

"My Lady thee..."James whispered breathing heavily.

"What is it spit it or I will have you killed” I shouted. Really I wasn't going to have him killed but he didn't know that.

"The Lich King is coming with his troop they are attacking our lot” James moaned before falling on the floor a arrow sticking on his back. I run outside to see the battle some of our lot have died but so is his lot. I see the Lich Kind and that is when I know this is my chance. I run downstairs my bow in my hand.

"No don't go my Lady there killing us you will die” my maid Silvers whispers.

"No, they came for a fight and a fight is what they will get” I shout walking out onto the battle.

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