WOW:Blood Elves Power

I am Starr.I am power.I am a blood elf and blood elves will rule the world.


5. The Battle is Ending


I pull out my bow and shoot the Lich King's group. I look around seeing many of my troops dead and tired. I look around and see the people dead, the guns shooted, the Lich King smiling mouthing that he will win. I realise that he is right. I can't beat him he's too powerful. A arrow comes my way when one of my followers Tilly runs and blocks the shoot. I see as she falls the blood pouring out of her body.


"It's my fault I need to stop the war’s whisper.

"No, If we loose they will rule us, we need to win go and kill him"Tilly whispers and closes her eyes.


I run to the Lich King the bow in my hand and I shoot the Lich King. I see him fall and smile we have won. When a arrow shoots me in the back. I fall in pain and smile I killed the Lich King we are victorious. I smile and take my last breath.

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