WOW:Blood Elves Power

I am Starr.I am power.I am a blood elf and blood elves will rule the world.


6. My Shot(Another Point of View)


From another point of View)

I stared at the bow I just shot and watched our queen fall. I watched as her endless beauty fall gracefully on the floor. I screamed no I didn’t kill her. No not our queen. Not the one lady I loved. I loved her before we were great friends but for me our friendship become love. I ran and held her body motionless. I held her pulse which was slowing.


She opened her eyes and stared at me. I kissed her cheeks and watched her slowly leaving the world. The last sentence she said was I love you. I wiped the tears brimming from my eyes and held her body. I closed my eyes and knew we had won. What’s the point of winning my love of my life is gone. If only I told her not to fight would she still be alive. I held her hand and cried the tears falling from my face. It’s over my life is over. I looked around to see people dead, people I had knew who I was friends with. I picked her frail body and stood up and walked off. Going to find any way to get her life back even if that meant losing my own. I would give everything for her to wake. My heart belongs to her and only to her. There had to be a way even if I had to die. I looked at her beautiful face and smiled it will be OK sweetie I promise.

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