WOW:Blood Elves Power

I am Starr.I am power.I am a blood elf and blood elves will rule the world.


3. My Queen

It was honestly a accident i was practising with the enchanted bow when I didn't realise I let go. I looked and saw it was heading for the queen. I ran and shielded the queen from the shot. Suddenly, I felt pain and agony in my hand. I screamed in pain lying on the floor. The queen looked at me and whispered something. I think she said don't let go. But maybe I was just going crazy. I held my hand bright red blood pouring out of my arm.

When I woke up i woke to see the queen smiling at me wiping blood from my arm.

"Are you OK"she asked.

"Yes it was a accident I was practising and the bow"I mumbled.

"I know one shot of the bow and I could be dead, you are a hero Starr"the queen exclaimed.

"my majesty, such kind words you say I wasn't a hero"I replied back.

"Of course you are Starr you are a hero and a true queen"the queen whispers.

"I couldn't"I mumble back.I couldn't be the queen i knew nothing of ruling.

"Of course you could you are the queen"the ex-queen replies placing the crown on my head. I go to argue back when i knew if i argue back the queen would still tell me to be queen. Me a queen I can't believe it is my life amazing or what!

This life was very different to my own I used to be a average elf with a amazing boyfriend but once King Arthas had a war everything changed. I was sent to battle and never saw my boyfriend again. I could say he's dead maybe well maybe he's still alive waiting for me. It's just a thought after all but maybe. I wonder if i could go back to my life again where I felt truly happy, but now i know you have to fight for survival. 

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