The Destroyers Gaze

I am Death. I am Destruction. I will end life on Azeroth. I. Am. Deathwing.
( World of Warcraft competition ) I did use some phrases from in game as I thought it would fit. (Dragon Soul Raid)


1. Weaklings..

The red dragon squirmed in my grasp, I could feel its heart beating in my clenched dragon fists, Its screech carried over the winds around us, but nothing was near, Its voice struggled to sound brave,

"My Queen will have you for this Neltharion! She will not rest until her clutch returns to her" A laugh erupted from my molten lungs, It screeched again trying to get free,

"Your Queen is nothing compared to me! Her clutch will never return to her, Not after what I have done!" The red dragon gave up fighting and slumped its body forward, I tightened my grip on its weak body as I flew through the air - Night time was falling.

I entered the cave as black dragons screeched and swooped out my way, A few dragons came close and removed the small red dragon from my grasp, A purple dragon flew up to me, "Neltharion, The new dragons are ready for combat training, What are your orders for them?" I turned to the dragon and replied "Good, You take charge of them this time - Take them to our failed experiment chamber for combat training, If they fail to exceed your commands - Kill them, We cannot afford failures" The dragon nodded and flew off.


I transformed back to my human form and started to walk to the hatching chamber, The caves lead deep into the molten earth, I approached the hatching chamber where my son, Nefarian, had been keeping control of the newborn eggs, His head turned swiftly as he bowed at me,

"Fath- Neltharion.. The eggs have been doing well lately, A few died this time, The whelplings are too weak to stay alive in the heat-" I slapped the boy across the head, He instantly pulled his head back in pain,

"You fool! We cannot afford to lose whelplings! How about I throw you down there to join the dead ones! You have failed me twice - Do NOT disappoint me again!" He nodded very quickly standing up straighter,

"Yes, Neltharion" He quickly walked away to the near hatched eggs and began to change a few of the readings, I turned back and walked off when a screech echoed through the walls, I smiled and followed the dark twisting caves to the Experiment chamber.

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