The Destroyers Gaze

I am Death. I am Destruction. I will end life on Azeroth. I. Am. Deathwing.
( World of Warcraft competition ) I did use some phrases from in game as I thought it would fit. (Dragon Soul Raid)


3. The Red Dragonflight

I stared at Alextrasza's body, her breathing was shallow, a laugh escaped my molten lungs as her eyes shot open, she instantly tried to fight the chains that held her, her loud screech echoed the walls,

"The great Alexstrasza, bound in iron chains by me - You're no better than your pathetic worms.." She growled at me,

"I am not pathetic! You are just cruel Neltharion. But I ask this - Why?" Her eyes fixated on mine, I took a step back watching her every move,

"Why what? Why am I so cruel?" She shook her head and her voice was less strained,

"Why do you take my clutch and cause pain to them, Why not just create your hideous creations alone" I laughed once again, her stupidity made it amusing,

"Well what fun would it be to me if I just had my own creations? It just shows you how weak your whelps are, but once mine, one reborn they are powerful.." An evil grin spread across my face as I walked out of the cavern, her voice called back after me,

"You will pay for this Neltharion!"


Ultraxion approached me as I entered the main chamber,

"Neltharion, the red Dragonflight are started to attack our base, They want their Queen back.." The ceiling shook as black dragons took flight once again to return the attack, I turned to Ultraxion,

"Lets give them a fight they want, if they want their queen back they will have to fight harder for her" I called for black dragons to stand guard in her chamber and to make sure her chains kept her down, I turned back to the main chamber and transformed back to my dragon form, flying out to a raging fight in the sky.

Red dragons weaved in and out of each other as black dragons fought back, claws were swung, blood was thick in the air as the smell of a war approached.

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