The Destroyers Gaze

I am Death. I am Destruction. I will end life on Azeroth. I. Am. Deathwing.
( World of Warcraft competition ) I did use some phrases from in game as I thought it would fit. (Dragon Soul Raid)


4. The Aspects

I spread my wings over the dragons below, My shadow spread like a plague, more black dragons poured out from the cave and the red dragons were completely outnumbered,

"Give up little whelps, You are no match for death itself" My voice roared over the screeches, Ultraxion and Nefarian joined by my side, We breathed in and released our molten flame across the fight - Screeches erupted in the flames, figures flew around in a blur as they crashed into each other or the ground below, an evil laugh escaped my molten lungs.

I could hear Alexstrasza's screech from the inside of the cave, her anger was like a soothing sound to my ears. I turn to Ultraxion,

"Kill every last one of them, I'll deal with the aspects" He nods with a grin across his face, diving down to the remaining dragons, I turn to a angry Ysera and Nozdormu. 

"You think you could stop me? Am is supposed to be afraid? To tremble? Pah!" Thrall flew in between the two dragons with the dragon soul in his hand, anger boiled in my body but I just shook it off, Thralls voice cut through the silence,

"I had a feeling you'd show yourself, Give up Deathwing - You cannot win this battle, since we have the dragon soul on our side-" I laughed at the mortals 'knowledge'

"And you think to what? Scare me with it? You mortals are all the same - You see power that you cant get and die trying to use it, Unlike me!" A grin spread across his face as the dragon soul lit up, I growled loudly and dived towards him - Missing as he flew out the way the dragon soul skinned across my spine ripping off my plates, I screeched loudly and took to the skies - They wouldn't dare to follow me.

Night was falling as Ultraxion joined by my side, flying towards the Wrymrest Temple to bring down the source of reinforcements for the aspects.

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