The Destroyers Gaze

I am Death. I am Destruction. I will end life on Azeroth. I. Am. Deathwing.
( World of Warcraft competition ) I did use some phrases from in game as I thought it would fit. (Dragon Soul Raid)


2. Locked into combat

The screeches grew louder as i approached the massive cavern, a few Dragonkin crowded around a writhing red dragon, I laughed as all heads turned in my way, I approached the red dragon, an evil grin spread across my face,

"Go on little dragon, Beg for mercy" The dragon held my gaze, I could see fear in its eyes, It swept its claw across my face as i was knocked over, anger spread through my body as i charged at the fearful dragon, I dragged my molten fist across its face as it cried out in pain - My voice roared through the walls,

"You dare little worm! I shall kill you where you stand chained! You would be of no use to me in any way, even as a black drake you will be a weakling!" another evil grin spread across my face, The dragon snarled and replied back,

"I am NO weakling! I am the best dragon warrior there is-" I laughed in its face, It thought it was powerful.. Pah! 

"You? The best? You must be joking! You're a weakling!.. And I don't need weaklings in my army.." The ground shook as bits of rock started to fall from the ceiling, Many black dragons screeched and took to the air, flying out through little channels into the open, I quickly transformed into my dragon form and followed, I was greeted by an old friend.. Alexstraza.

I flew so I was in front of her, My voice echoed over the silent night,

"It is good to see you again, Alexstrasza, I have been busy in my absence - Twisting your pitiful whelps into mindless abominations bent only to my will.. It was a very Painful process" She carried her gaze over my black Dragonflight, I saw rage in her eyes and she screamed out,

"They are.. My clutch no longer. Bring them down!" With that our claws met in combat, dragons around us took up arms and started to fight, I brought my claw up at Alexstrasza but her claw met mine, I roared and fire escaped through my lungs, she screamed out in pain as her wings caught alight, Her razor sharp teeth sank into my molten skin as I whipped my body around causing her to let go and spin uncontrollably through the air.

Kalecgos turned and charged towards me, Ultraxion intercepted and crashed into him, they too locked into combat, I let out another ferocious roar and fire escaped my lungs once again causing the clouds to burn and the air turn quickly hot, I brought my wings up causing all dragons to lose control of their flight.

Heat and wind swept through the air, I charged straight for a dazed Alexstrasza as I brought my jaws down on her neck, We both crashed into the ground below, She screeched out in pain as I brought my molten claw across her face, She went limp, but her body still moving with every breath she took.

I roared victoriously, Kalecgos and the red dragon flight took to the winds and flew off.

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