The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


4. Zach Collins

[Chace’s POV]

Ariel walked down her path from the front door she looked so beautiful. She was wearing a blue and white pinstriped dress which was strapless. It was a sweetheart neck I thought to myself. Using the language my mum uses to fellow fashion designers.  Ariel’s fiery red hair was up in a messy bun, a few strands of hair had fallen down and they framed her gorgeous face. ‘Hey beautiful’ I pulled her in for an embrace. She whispered in my ear ‘Your fly’s down’ she giggled to herself then kissed me on my cheek. I opened the passengers door for her, when she was sat down I checked and yes my fly was down. Damn.

We had to park four streets away from the party as it was packed. I could tell this party is going to be crazy. ‘Chace, I’m not going to not going to drink much tonight. Just thought I’d tell you...’ Ariel told me shyly.

‘I won’t either for one. I have to drive. Ha-ha and two. I don’t really like alcohol’. ‘Did you even bring a cardigan or jacket?’ I asked

‘Nope, you’ll just have to hug me more’ She winked at me. This is going to be a good night. I stepped out the warm car, the cool air hitting me. I could hear the bass of the music from four streets away. I’m surprised the cops haven’t been called yet. The atmosphere as we were nearing was wild. This was the party I had been looking for, great atmosphere and a great girl. I jerked my head to see Ariel was as happy as I was. ‘Hello chace.’ ‘The bouncer’ greeted me ‘There ya go, your burd is looking fine.’ When we passed ‘the bouncer’ and entered the party, my heart was beating faster and faster every second. We squeezed through lots of drunken dancing girls. Normally I would be pretty much all over them with my mates but not today, I didn’t give them a second look. I had my baby girl. Ariel was the girl for me. ‘You have so much more class than them’ I complimented Ariel.

‘I’d hope so and a lot better looking’ she giggled

‘Well, looks like someone’s been eating sassy salad.’ I chuckled. I loved when Ariel just let go and went with it. We made our way to the dance floor which was packed. ‘I love this song!’ Ariel screeched.

‘Darling can we go, All The Way, I really wanna go, All The Way, so darling Can we go, All The Way, I really wanna go, All The Way’ the song started and Ariel started to sway, I swayed in time with the music and Ariel. We danced for nearly an hour but it had felt like minutes. We made our way to where the drinks were. Ariel poured herself a vodka and coke. ‘This is all I’m having. Chace, don’t let me drink anymore’ Ariel told me firmly. Ariel led me outside with her drink in one hand and my hand in her other hand. The cool breeze was nice as it was so stuffy in side between all the dancing bodies. I saw Ariel jerk and she pulled in closer to me. ‘’Ello babeee, want to give me a go?’ A college boy -I slightly recognised- slurred suggestively. Ariel looked up at me with pleading eyes. Mark. His name was Mark. ‘Alright mark back off. You’d be like babysitting you’re twenty-five’ I snapped. A smile spread across her face. She was way out my league; great personality, beautiful, amazing laugh and smile. The party was starting to get quieter, Ariel stuck to her one drink. We both got hit on quite a few times but we just laughed them off. ‘Can we leave now Chace?’ Ariel asked me. Funnily that what I was going to ask her. ‘Yeah sure, I was about to ask you that anyway’ I laughed. We weaved our way through the remaining drunks that were either passed out on the floor or nearly there. I noticed that Ariel was hobbling, ‘What’s wrong? Do you want to walk in my vans?’ I asked her, it had to be her heels hurting her feet. They were bloody massive. ‘Would you mind?’ she asked nervously ‘no way’ I told her ‘here take them.’ I passed her my blue vans; she slipped off her heels and put my shoes on. She looked so adorable in my shoes.  ‘Chace...’ she started but I cut her off by kissing her, her lips were softer than last time and tasted of vanilla. Mm... She tasted so good.

[Ariel’s POV]

He cut me off by kissing me, which I didn’t mind. He smelt so good; his aftershave was like heaven in a bottle. Chace nibbled on my lip deepening the kiss. He was pressing me against his car, he obviously wanted more. He started kissing around my jaw line. I tangled my hands in his hair, his hair was so soft. ‘Hay babeeee, can I get a kishh’ a drunk slurred at me then hit Chace on the bum. ‘Way to go, moment ruined’ I muttered. Chace chuckled. I jumped in the passenger seat. ‘I was enjoying that’ Chace whined.  When we arrived at my house I gave chace a kiss on his parted lips and I jumped out the car ‘Bye chace!’ I yelled I shoved my keys into the lock and closed the door after me I rushed upstairs and threw my heels down. I froze. I heard a creak from down stairs ‘it’s just the house making noises’ I said to myself. Shit, I forgot to lock the door. I ran down my stairs and quickly locked the door, a flood of relief washed over me; no one would have time to enter my house in that time. I would have heard them as well. ‘Hello baby girl’ Chace said. ‘Shit Chace you made me jump, don’t scare me like that.’ I lectured. I turned round to give chace a hug. It wasn’t Chace.

‘Zach?’ was all I managed to get out.

‘Ge-et out my hous-e’ I said my words breaking. My heart was pounding harder and harder by the second. I’m surprised he didn’t feel it or hear is as he was standing so close. He went to grab my hands I tried to jerk out of his loose grip but he tightened his grip. I was trying to act strong even though Ii was about burst into tears. He pulled me though to my lounge and he pushed me down onto my settee. He let go of my wrist so I tried to get up but he trapping me. ‘I’m sorry Zach! I’m so sorry’ I wailed getting scared, he only grunted. Before I knew it he had a hold of my wrists again. ‘You not going to struggle now?’ he asked ‘it’ll make it easier babe’ he added. I just whimpered in pain. I pulled my up from the settee and then pushed me against the nearest wall; he still had a tight grip on me. He’s going to kiss me, I kept repeating in my head. I was right he crashed his ragged lips on mine. He was pushing his body closer to mine, I couldn’t stand it. I now had both my wrists in one hand. My arms around his neck. ‘I can tell you’re enjoying this’ he told me. Yeah right, it was hell. He nibbled my lip this time; actually he bit my lip hard. I’m pretty sure he made it bleed. His free hand pulled my zip at the back of my dress down. There was nothing I could do.  I tried kicking him where the sun doesn’t shine but he just grunted but his grip on my wrists wouldn’t loosen; if anything they tightened. ‘Please stop!’ I screeched. I was terrified now.  He started kissing down my neck, it was rough not like Chace’s soft sweet kisses. When he got to my bra, he looked up I could see the excitement in his eyes, it made me feel sick. Where was my mum! It must be about three am by now. He dragged me by the wrist up the stairs to my bedroom. I was starting to lose consciousness. He threw me on my bed, and then everything went black.

[Zach’s POV]

I threw her on the bed playfully kissing her harder, she was enjoying it and I knew it. I lay on top of her pushing down on her hard and gripping her waist. Her dress was still around her waist. I kept kissing her, it felt so good. I sucked hard on her neck forming a pretty big love bite. Ha, that will be a shock to Chace. I un-clipped her bra and threw it on the floor. She was so damn sexy. I kissed all over her body sucking hard over her stomach, leaving red blotchy marks.

[Ariel’s POV]

I woke up in pain wondering why I felt so sore. Everything was coming back to me. Shit, what happened when I fell unconscious ‘No, please no’ I cried. I pulled my cover away from me. Oh how kind, he left a note. That makes it all better. My bra was off, lying on the floor. I had red and purple bruises and marks all over my body. But my pants were still on. A wave of relief washed over me. Thank god. I opened the note.

‘Ariel, if you tell ANYONE what happened you’ll hurt a lot more and there will not be any limits.’

 The thought made me shudder. Well that was it; I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I don’t doubt that he wouldn’t stick to his words. Had my mum not heard him leave? Getting up was a struggle I was in so much pain. I got changed into my pyjamas to look like last night was normal. I wandered through to my mum’s room to see she wasn’t there, the bed had been un-slept in too. She must have slept down stairs not to wake me up. I wandered down the creaky stairs. Hoping I hadn’t woken mum by the creaks. I padded over the cool laminate flooring. Peeking round the corner. She wasn’t there. Where was she? I went to the front door; if mum had come home she would have taken the keys out the door. I padded back across the laminate floor, opening the other door. The keys were still there. I started to panic now. ‘She’s just stayed at her friends’ I tried to calm myself. My phone started to vibrate, I hadn’t even realised I was holding it. ‘Hi’ Chase’s voiced sounded different. ‘Hi, cha-ace?’ I asked my voice trembling encase it was Zach. ‘Yeah, it’s me. I’ll come pick you up in twenty minutes. I’ll explain then. Don’t wear anything fancy. ’ then he put down the phone.

Those twenty minutes passed so slowly, did he know about Zach? No, he would have been angrier. Maybe it was a date? A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. I strolled to the door, unlocking it. Chace’s face look so beautiful. ‘Hi’ I said ‘what is it? You’re worrying me now’ ‘It’s your mum’ he started. A million thoughts flooded my mind. ‘She was in a car accident last night.’ He added. ‘This is a joke. She couldn’t have been’ I thought aloud. She’s a brilliant driver. ‘Sorry Ariel, I’m not joking, I’ll take you to see her now, if you want?’ what kind of question was that? Of course I wanted to see her ‘yes’ I whimpered. ‘How is she?’ Chace didn’t reply. When we got to her hospital room, my heart stopped. She looked a mess. I felt sick. ‘How long will she be in here?’ I asked the nurse ‘Hmm... Well it’s very unfortunate, she has caught an unnamed illness, she should be in her for about four months’ she told me ‘FOUR BLOOD MONTHS?’ I shouted, what I was supposed to do without her for five months. How would I look after Belle? ‘yes four months, Suzanne Johnston has been put into a medical coma, for at least two weeks to try let her body recover.’ She explained ‘what do you mean at least?’ I interrupted her. ‘After two weeks it is up to her body when she comes conscious. ’ I nodded, tears welling up in my eyes. ‘After that, she’ll be on a two month programme to get rid of her illness. The other two months are needed to teach her to walk properly again’ she informed me, she was very nice. ‘She can’t walk?’ I thought aloud. After the nurse explained everything she gave me even worse news. ‘Your mum told me- before she went into the coma- that you and your sister are to live at Mrs. Collins’ ‘Mrs. Collins, Chase’s mum’s house?’ I asked worriedly ‘Yes Chase’s mum’s house’ she repeated.

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