The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


3. The second date

Want to go on a date? ;) <3

I Read over the text about twenty times. How was I supposed to let Cameron down? I just replied ‘Ha-hah, I already go out with someone. Sorry x’ His reply was ‘Oh, sorry. Want to meet up as friends then? x’ Oh dear, had i led Cameron on? I was just being friendly as if I was new I’d want people to act like that.

 I had been texting chace non-stop for three weeks now. I was getting ready for our third date. I was really looking forward to this date; he hadn’t told me what we were doing. I dressed in a pair of light washed denim shorts and a pale pink Aztec printed vest top and my navy hoodie I also put my navy toms on and slung a handbag over my shoulder which had my phone, key and money in it. ‘Bye mum. Love you! ’I whispered to my mum as Belle was still sleeping ‘bye, see you whenever. Love you too’ she whispered back. I rushed out to chace’s car, he was standing leaning against his car waiting for me. My heart melted he always made my legs go jelly like.

‘Hey baby girl’ he smiled at me while opening the passenger door for me.

 ‘Hi chace’ he always insisted to call me baby girl since he found out he was almost two years older than me. ‘Where are we going then?’ I asked knowing he wouldn’t tell me.

‘Be patient baby girl it’ll take fifteen minutes to get there, that’s all I’m telling you’

We were drawing up at chace’s house. Oh a day in will be okay, I guess Chace didn’t stop at his front door like last week; he kept driving round a small dirt track I hadn’t noticed last week. He stopped outside stables.  I jumped out of the car jumping up and down like a child at a carnival. ‘Oh my god chace are we going horse riding?’ I almost screamed

‘Calm down, you’ll scare the horse. But yes we are’ he looked happy about my excitement. He guided me through to the horse he owned. They were gorgeous, I picked to ride the big white horse called April and chace chose the dark horse that towered over me.  His name was Havoc. ‘I came out early to get them all ready to ride’ chace said while stroking Havoc.

‘Do you want help getting on April?’ Chace asked genuinely

‘Sure, I’ve not been on a horse for years..’ I pulled myself up as far as I could, Chace pushed me up onto April. ‘you can take your hands away now’ I joked

‘oh right, yeah. Sorry’ He said embarrassed while taking his hand off my bum.

[Chace’s POV]

We rode the horses through some fields at the back of my house, Ariel seemed over the moon. When we started to near the waterfall I planned on taking Ariel to Ariel’s horse stopped ‘what’s it doing?’ Ariel squeaked while panicking.

‘He’s  peeing’I chuckled

‘EUW!’ she screamed ’That had to happen to my horse’ she moaned

‘if it’s any consolation, you look very adorable when your upset. ’ I told her. Ariel frowned. ‘We’re here’ I said brightening the mood

‘Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful’ Ariel gushed.

‘Just like you’ I told her, I’m sure she chose to ignore that.

[Ariel’s POV]

‘Just like you’ Chace said to me. My heart started to beat faster, I couldn’t be bothered arguing with him

‘How do I get off this peeing beast’ I complained. Chace jumped off Havoc and guided him to a tree where he tied him up. ’Just wait there! I’ll be over in a minute’ He yelled. Chace ran back to me and made me jump into his arms, embarrassing or what?  When April was tied up we sat down beside the waterfall leaning against a big oak tree. I smiled to myself this is perfect. ‘Wait there, close your eyes and hold out your arms’ his voice getting quieter as he walked away. Last time I closed my eyes and held out my arms was when it was my sixth birthday and I received my Barbie house and Barbie horse and carriage. ‘Good girl’ chace whispered in my eye which made jump’ he placed something quite heavy and big in my arms.  I opened my eyes and the hamper chace put the Chinese from the first date was sitting in my arms. I gave him a funny look ‘Open it then, I hope you like it. I made it all myself’ he sounded proud of himself. I peered in to see; pizza, Fanta fruit twist, carrot cake and cut up red and green apple my eyes lit up. ‘OH MY GOD! How did you know this was all my favourite foods?’ I asked astonished ‘well..’ chace started ‘you told me on our first date how much you loved cold piz-’

‘ITS COLD?!, I love you chace!’ i screeched

‘Pizza, and said how you loved cut up apple. On our second date you said how much you loved Fanta fruit twist, and I brought carrot cake ‘cause it’s my favourite’ Chase continued 

‘Thank you Chace. You actually remembered!’ I mentioned. I put down the hamper beside I budged up close and lay down next to Chace who was lying down too, I intertwined my fingers with his. I rested my head on chest and we watched the clouds go by and listening to the waterfall. ‘Ariel’ I felt the vibrations from chace’s voice against my head ‘hmm, yeah?’ I answered. Chace started stroking and playing with my hair with his free hand. I sat up and so did he and he moved his hand and started rubbing the back of his head, don’t think he even knew he was doing it ‘ehhm well..’ he started

‘ithinki’mfallinginlovewithyou’ he blurted out that hardly understood what he said. ‘What did you just say?’ I asked to see if he’d repeat it

‘God you’re killing me here Ariel, I think I am falling in love with you’ he said it a bit slower this time. I didn’t have a reply, I leant in towards him and I closed my eyes as our lips touched. The kiss started off soft and innocent but it quickly changed, I got the fireworks you’re meant to get. I wanted more; I think I love chace as well. Could you fall in love in three weeks?

[Chace’s POV]

Her lips were so soft and tasted of strawberry lip balm. Our first real kiss. She’s the first kiss that has made me feel weak and make my heart beat faster. She pressed in closer to me and raked her hands through my hair. I kissed around her jaw line and down her neck, sucking softly below her ear, she let out a laugh. Oh, how I loved her laugh and her smile. She leaned in to my ear, I thought she was going to whisper something to me; instead she blew a raspberry half on my neck and half on my ear and then whispered ‘gotcha’ before she jumped up and ran away from me playfully. I got up to chase after her I saw her running backwards I bent down to dust my bum and legs from the dirt. ‘AAAH!’i heard Ariel scream. Shit what has happened to her, I thought to myself. I looked up and saw her fall into the pool of water at the bottom if the waterfall. ‘Ariel!’ I shouted. I ran towards her, she was panicking which didn’t help. ‘Help me chace!’ she cried out while splashing.

‘try swim to me Ariel’ I pleaded

‘I can’t swim’ she screamed.

I started taking my denim shirt off and my white tee-shirt and also my chinos and my shoes. I was standing in my boxers in front of Ariel, this is to save her though so it’s not weird I tried to persuade myself. I dived into the crystal clear water. The freezing water hitting my warm body.  I swam over to her ‘put your arms ‘round my neck’ I told her. She grabbed on gasping for air in tears. I swam about 20 meter – no clue how she managed to get that far out- back onto the grassy bank and pushed her out and pulled myself up on the bank beside her. ‘Thank you so much Chace, I thought.. I thought I was going to drown’ she cried out hysterically. I pulled her in for a hug, she was starting to calm down now. Thank god I wore black boxers today I felt so relived. ‘You can wear my denim shirt, so you don’t have to go back in wet clothes. I’ll wear my tee-shirt.’  We got near to the stables ‘I’m really sorry for this being such a bad date’ I said

‘what made you think it was so bad? I thought it was best so far; you brought all my favourite foods, we made out, I saw you only in your boxers and you saved me.’ Ariel said while waggling her eyebrows.

‘okay that was a pretty epic date’ I said jumping off havoc and tying him up. ‘Jump’ I told Ariel holding my arms out for her.

‘I’m just going to the toilet’ I mumbled to Ariel leaving her at the stables. I made my way to the toilet to do my business. Zzzzp I zipped my chinos and quickly rinsed my hands to make my way to the stables again.  There was a bounce in my step, I was in love and yes I’ll admit it I’m acting like an idiot. I turned the corner to see Zach’s arms around Ariel pulling her in close griping her bum; Ariel looked like she was kissing Zach’s neck. My heart sank, she betrayed me, and she used me to get to my brother. Tears welled up in my eyes as I stormed to my room, Bitch.

[Ariel’s POV]

‘I’m just going to the toilet’ Chace mumbled. A few seconds after Chace left I saw Zach rounding the corner heading towards me. When he got up close ‘hello sexy’ he said while still coming closer. What the hell is he doing? ‘Eh hi’ I said uncomfortably. He went in for a hug which I declined but he pulled me in anyway grabbing my bum pulling me in really close. I tried to get away but he had a strong grip on me. I whispered in his ear ‘Back the fuck off’

‘Feisty’ he said ‘I like it’ he added. That was it. I kneed him in the balls causing him to double over in pain.

I ran into chace’s house to find him, why had he taken so long? I crept into his room to hear him weeping. ‘Chace, is everything alright?’ I asked concerned. ‘Bitch’ he snapped.

‘What? Who are you talking about?’ truly confused now.

‘You.’ He started; the word wasn’t processing in my brain.

‘I saw you, with Zach. Kissing him. He had his hands all over you’ he choked out.

‘Wait. Are you being serious?’ I asked

‘No Ariel I’m joking’ he said sarcastically. I looked at him completely stunned ‘yes I was being fucking serious’ he nearly shouted.

‘You got it all wrong Chace, believe me. Please just listen to me’ tears were welling up in my eyes. Zach was the one being a complete dick and I was the one suffering. Great.

‘Fine, go ahead. This will be funny.’ He said totally emotionless

‘Zach came up to me after you went and pulled in for a hug which I declined.’ I told him ‘he pulled me in anyway, grabbing my bum, pulling me in as close as he could.’ I added the tears falling down my rose flushed cheeks ‘ I leant in and whisper to him ‘back the fuck off’ he just laughed and called me feisty and he said he liked it’ my tears weren’t stopping ‘I kneed him in the balls to get his arms off of me. Then I came looking for you and I’m telling all of this to you now’

‘I don’t know where you got the kiss from.’ I added before he started to talk. He just looked at me, not knowing what to say. At that moment Zach walked in, he obviously hadn’t seen Chace but he’d seen me. ‘Hi baby, I know you didn’t want me earlier but I could change that’ Zach said while trying to look sexy,

‘YOU BLOODY BASTARD!’Chace yelled making his way to Zach


Zach seemed calm ‘She was practically begging me to...’ I hated him even more for saying that to wind up Chace. Chace punched Zach in the face causing Zach to stagger backwards. I jumped up startled. ‘You bitch! You caused all this’ Zach spat at me. While throwing a punch at my face. I felt searing pain in my left eye then everything blacked out.

I felt severe pain in my left eye and I had a migraine as well. As I was now conscious, but I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes. I heard Chace speaking softly to me ‘Come one Ariel, you’re going to be alright. Please baby girl, I love you.’ He was stroking my hair.  I felt a drop of water land on my cheek, he must be crying, Chace took his finger and whipped away the droplet on my cheek. As I forced my heavy eyes open I heard Chace gasp. ‘Ariel’ is all he said. ‘Hmm, yeah’ I managed to get out ‘Are you alright?’ he asked still weeping ‘I will never let Zach lay a finger on you again, I promise. I am so sorry.’ He said gently. I was deeply confused now. What was he on about? ‘What happened?’ I asked ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I was starting to become scared.  ‘You can’t remember?’ his voice was trembling. ‘Tell me’ I demanded. Chace explained what happened between Zach and me, how Chace punched ach and Zach punched me. It was coming back to me now. ‘Ariel, you should be at hospital right now.’ Chace mumbled. ‘It was only a punch in the face, Chace that’s a bit over the top.’ I said confused again. ‘No. Ariel, it wasn’t just a punch in the face’ he started. I let him continue. ‘After you fainted you started to have a seizure, I rushed to my car - which had my mobile in it -carrying you princess style but Zach must of taken the car to get away from this situation. Mum was out at the supermarket. There was nothing I could do. ’ He rambled on, tears welling up in his eyes. He looked like a lost puppy dog. ‘But don’t you have a house phone?’ I asked surprised that he had never thought of that. ‘No, dad used to phone up my mum, Zach and I. He’d threaten us or get his new wife or friends to threaten us as well. So we got rid of the House phone as my mum was going into depressing from it.’ He rambled on again; I found out that he did that when he was either embarrassed or nervous. The sound of a car skidding against gravel was heard in Chace’s room. Chace picked me up princess style and carried me down stairs. I tried to stop him but he didn’t have any of my moaning. When he reached the front door we saw that Zach was back. ‘I’ll talk with you later, you arsehole.’ Chace spat at Zach as they passed. ‘Ooh, I’m scared.’ Zach snarled at Chace. Chace put me in the passenger seat. ‘Chace’ I said shakily. ‘Belle had a seizure last week, when she went into hospital. The doctor told my mum that she could go into a coma at anytime. What if that happens to me?’ I started to cry at the thought of it. ‘It’ll all be fine’ Chace tried to re-assure me. After going to the hospital I was told that I may have a few more seizures in my life and I may go into a coma after a seizure. Chace drove me back to my house; I kissed him quickly on the lips and opened the door to leave ‘Will you come to Donna Reilly’s party with me tonight? ’ Chace asked. Donna was in college and very popular. ‘Yeah sure’ I replied, I hadn’t been to a party in over a year. ‘I’ll pick you up at seven, Bye baby girl’ he said sweetly

‘Okay see you then. Bye.’ I replied, excited for tonight.

I discussed with my mum that I was going to a party, she said that she’s going to the cinema with her old school friends the going to a bar so she’d be back late. She explained how belle’s going to her friends for a sleepover. So I might be coming back to an empty house.

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