The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


7. The Chase

I I couldn’t wait it was coming up to the party of the year, us the Collins always arranged a party and everyone was invited. Best of all it was my year to plan. I had a great idea. Since my family had no problem with money it was great. I had everything planned and I couldn’t tell anyone else. I had to plan it all myself, and it was tonight. The guys were coming to set up. I had told everyone casual wear but I’m not too sure what people will actually wear. Ariel was going to love this. I can’t wait to see her reaction. The guys had just arrived so I ran down to great them. I pointed to them where I wanted everything. ‘Okay kiddo, this is going to be one good party’ the man told me.

‘Yeah that’s what I’m hoping for’ I chuckled.

‘OH MY GOODNESS!’ Ariel shrieked, as she arrived downstairs as people were about to arrive in the next ten minutes. ‘A CARNIVAL!’ she was still shrieking. I grinned I was so happy that I was making her happy. She hadn’t even seen the best bit yet. I looked over at her, she was wearing a floral bralet( I think that’s what my mum calls them)I think my mum designed it, she was wearing a pair of high waited shorts which were very short and she was wearing one of my hoodies which made me smile. She also had Noah’s old washed-out green dyed vans, she looked so amazing. ‘You look great’ I told her. 

‘Are you sure? I’m worried what people will think of me as I don’t know anyone since they all go to your school’ she played with her thumbs. I had offered to invite her friends but she wanted to get to know my mates. I heard a wolf-whistle from behind Ariel and me. I turned round about to tell them to shut up but I noticed it was Rob; Rob had been my best friend since we had been five. ‘Rob, mate. This is Ariel’ I introduced Ariel

 ‘Wow, when you said she was amazing, you were right’ Rob gasped. ‘Hi’ he stuck out his hand to Ariel ‘Hiya’ she greeted shaking his hand.

‘This is well, wicked. Carnival I couldn’t believe it when I saw it’ Rob said shocked. I looked around everything was in place. There was the waltsers closest to the house, the Miami was at the back, the big wheel was nearest the other field where the best scenery was, the jiminy cricket was near the waltsers and there was a large bouncy castle in the middle. I was pretty pleased with myself. Right at the font positioned in the middle was a stage. Ariel dragged me over to the Miami apparently it was her favourite there was a queue already, but since I was a Collins and Ariel was my lady and pretty much a Collins now too we go right to the front. Ariel kept squealing in excitement. When we got buckled in Ariel was still jiggling around in excitement ‘When’s the last time you went to a carnival?’ I asked her genuinely wondering.

 ‘Last time I went was on my sixth birthday the last week with my dad’ she nearly whispered.

 ‘Oh’ was all I said

‘I’m so excited! This was my dad’s favourite’ she was happy about talking about her dad today which was fine by me. When we go off the Miami I saw Daryl, Hayden and mason. ‘Hey guys!’ I shouted and they all trotted over.

‘Well who’s this lovely lady’ Hayden eyed up Ariel. 

‘Well, this is Ariel’ I told him proudly

‘Ooft, you lucky arse’ Daryl said while putting on a scowl.

‘Hello boys’ Ariel greeted them cheerfully.

‘Hi, god Chace is one lucky lad.’ Mason said more kindly than the others. Mason and Ariel started talking she looked so happy. Ariel turned around showing her bum in her skimpy shorts. Daryl moaned. I just gave him a dirty look, but I was thinking the exact same thing.

‘Can I touch her bum?’ Hayden whispered to me, I slapped him around his head. Ariel snapped her head round trying not to laugh ‘I heard that’ then she turned around again.

 ‘Does she have any sisters?’ Daryl asked

‘Yeah she does actually’ I told him truthfully

‘Oh, I’m in’ he smiled ‘I bet she’s hot’ he commented making me laugh

‘She’s ten or something’ I said swiftly. He nearly choked

‘Forget I said any of that’ He told me quickly with pleading eyes which made me laugh harder.

[Mason’s POV]

‘Mate, I’m just going on the jiminy cricket with Ariel, okay?’ I kind of ask and told at the same time

‘Yeah sure, meet you back here whenever’ Chace reassured me.

‘Bye Chace!’ Ariel yelled. Ariel was pretty much skipping to the ride she was so beautiful. The way her hair flowed and how eyes twinkled, and her cute laugh and her reactions when she is excited. Chace was such a lucky boy. I sighed, there was a huge queue, and it would take at least twenty minutes. I heard lots of voices mumbling and everyone was moving letting Ariel and I through. My mouth dropped, it was like Ariel was the Queen ‘Well, what can I say. They fell for my charm ’she smiled sweetly ‘and the fact I’m Chace’s girlfriend’ she laughed. She grabbed my hand dragging me towards the front of the queue. We got on the ride in about six minutes. When we got seated Ariel grabbed my hand which made my heart beat faster. ‘So I guess you go to the same school as Chace then?’ Ariel asked sounding genuinely intrigued’

‘Yeah, my dad’s thinking of moving me to Charleston though’ I told her

‘That’s my school!’ she gasped. That school seemed more appealing already

‘Really? I might see you around then’ the ride started up and we were getting thrown around. Ariel screeched with laughter. I was determined to be good friends with Ariel she was genuine and honest and beautiful...

[Ariel’s POV]

Chace was dragging me towards the stage in the middle of the fields. What was happening? ‘Well, this is an early birthday present. Part of it anyway’ what was he on about, what had he got me? As I was about to ask what it was, he knows I’m not patient. My heart nearly stopped, my eyes filled with tears. ‘Oh Chace! Thank you so much! I love you’ I screeched. We were right at the front; we were being pushed against the barriers. Since Ed Sheeran had came on stage everyone was crowding around. I tore my eyes of Ed to see a sea of unknown faces behind me. I turned back to my idol, he was my inspiration. I’d always like how he was ginger. It helped me get through a lot of bullying, I could also relate to most of his song -they brought back many memories- He and my dad were the only reasons I kept singing. ‘Hi Ariel’ Ed waved at me, my heart melted. ‘Happy birthday for when it comes. I heard I was important in your life. I’d like to dedicate this song to you’

‘This has been the best night of my life’ I told Chace once again after Ed Sheeran had sung for an hour and a half. I could see there was something else Chace wasn’t telling me ‘ha-ha there can’t be any more surprises can there?’

‘You just wait and see’ He said, there was something I couldn’t tell what though.

Chace doesn’t fail to amaze me. ‘How can you afford to buy a carnival for a night, Hire Ed Sheeran for a night, AND hire Biffy Clyro as well?’ I can’t complain Ed was utterly stunning and Biffy were just Biffy, amazing. I was alone with Chace now. ‘You do remember my mum is a major fashion designer, this was like spare change to her’ he had a point. She was mega famous, not that she acted like it. ‘You have a point there’ I gave in. ‘How did you know I loved Biffy as well?’ I asked interested

‘Was a guess. They’re my favourite band and you have a good taste in music’ he shrugged. I turned around to see that Zach was staring at us. He sickened me.

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