The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


8. Samuel and Johanna-lee fletcher

‘Hi, how’s my baby?’

‘I’m not your anything’ I told Zach sharply. It was my first day back at school, I had been told to take some time off because of my mum and the school thinks I’m sensitive to things like this, tossers.

‘Okay, that’s what you say now. You just wait.’

‘Yeah okay, keep dreaming pervert’ he laughed, I wasn’t joking. On that I left the house. I was meant to have left ten minutes ago. The taxi was waiting for me outside.

‘Dakota! Florence!’ I yelled I hadn’t seen them in ages!

‘Hi’ they both gushed; we set off to class babbling about anything. That walk to class had gone too quickly ‘Bye you two’ I said to them. ‘Have fun in Maths’ I laughed. I had English and they had maths, I walked along the quiet corridor, I seemed to get caught up in my own thoughts. Before I knew it I bumped into a tall boy, I looked up while apologizing. He had sandy blonde hair and grey eyes that were so beautiful. ‘Sorry that was my fault’ he paused ’Hi, do you know where English C36 is?’ that was my class

‘Yeah, just follow me. New are you?’ I asked knowing the answer

‘Yeah, and now we’re stating the obvious; you’re gorgeous’ he caught me off guard; all I could do was laugh. He must have been joking ‘I wasn’t joking’ he disagreed with my thoughts.

‘Ahh, thanks? It’s this class in here’ he seemed nice and funny. We’ll get along.

English flew by talking to Samuel, I found out his last name was Fletcher he has two brothers; one younger and one the same age as me and a sister about my sister’s age. He has a stepfather “What’s your stepfather called” I asked interested

‘Tristan’ I froze in the hallway, even though it was just a name. ‘My dad was called Tristan ha-hah’ I let out a laugh, what a coincidence.

‘Oh, it’s not really an unusual name where I used to stay, I knew four’ he informed me.

‘Do you have a free period next?’ I asked him, hoping he did as Dakota and Florence both had theirs last. I was trying to avoid Cameron and I didn’t really have any other people I wanted to hang about with today as my other friends Cormac and Regan were off. ‘Yeah, I do. Please say you do too? I can’t bear to leave your pretty face’ he said trying to keep a straight face.

‘Well, lucky for you. You can see my pretty face for another hour’ I joked while he fist-pumped in the air.

‘Let’s go for lunch?’ Samuel decided

‘Let’s go to McDonalds? I have a great place where we can eat it’

‘It’s a plan’ he snapped his fingers pointing to the exit.

‘Are we nearly there yet’ Samuel whined in a childish voice

‘Yes we are’ I told him which made his face light up. We’d walked through a small forest to a clearing where there was lots of bluebells and a small stream and a zip wire which I used to go on every summer. I took a seat on the ground leaning against a big oak tree. Everything went into slow motion from there I could make out Samuel falling in my direction, in fact on top of me. He landed with a thump. I just groaned and so did he. I waggled his eye brows while lying on top of me, my eyes widened, and then I closed them. I screwed them up scared he would try kiss me or something. He laughed, his body shaking on top of mine. Then he rolled off of me. ‘You really are too cute’ he cooed, his voice was so soft it sounded like he was speaking to a baby, but not in a patronizing way. ‘Anybody over hearing you would think you were flirting with me. All the things you said to me on the way here and now that’ I laughed at my attempt of being serious. He laughed, ‘You’re a really beautiful girl but I’d never take my best mates girl’ he’s Chace’s mate? I’d never seen him before, why wasn’t he at the party. ‘Yeah, I’m Zach’s best friend’ I froze

‘Zach?’ my voice quivered.

‘Why are you shaking? And yes Zach, your boyfriend’ he confirmed my fears. Zach thought I was his.

‘I think you have something confused, I don’t go out with Zach’ I told him, ignoring his question

‘What?’ he asked ‘you aren’t Zach’s girlfriend?’ he seemed so confused, poor boy

‘Eh... no’ I started not knowing exactly what to say ‘I’m with his brother Chace’ I was scared of what he was going to say next. He looked at me quizzically.

‘Oh’ was all he said. That made it worse.

‘Oh?’ I repeated ‘is that all you have to say?’ I asked

‘I guess, but I mean I don’t really know what to say.’ He looked me in the eye ‘He isn’t trying anything on with you is he?’ was he trying to trick me, had Zach asked him to interrogate me?

 ‘He is isn’t he? He did that with poor Ruby’ Ruby? Who was Ruby? ‘Who is Ruby you ask?’ he was like a mind reader. I just nodded ‘She was a girl Zach fell for, he couldn’t have her so he took her. To put it nicely’ I was shocked, so this wasn’t the first time. ‘Don’t worry I won’t tell him I know, I know it’ll make it worse. I guess it’s the time to stop hanging with him.’ He told me, I wasn’t sure if he was looking for an answer or not. ‘Thanks, I can see us being good friends’ I told him with a smile.

When I got to my next class which was history, I sat down in my normal seat as usual. A pretty blonde girl came in the class and was introduced as Johanna-Lee Fletcher. This is Samuels’s sister. Her hair was really long, as long as mine and it was naturally blonde. She had crystal clear blue eye, I could even see they were beautiful from the back of the class-room. I could see she was wearing a lot of make-up; she probably didn’t even need it. Her style looked a bit tacky but if that’s how she likes to dress it’s not for me to judge. I could see her soft friendly eyes scanning the room, taking in everyone but when she came to me her eyes hardened and she scowled at me. Maybe she was protective of her brother? (I thought it was meant to be the other way round). I just smiled at her causing her scowl to deepen. What had I done?

I was approaching Samuel to walk home with, well to Chace’s house. He apparently stayed a couple of minutes away. He was talking to his sister Johanna-Lee. ‘Hiya, Samuel!’ I greeted him ‘Hi Johanna-Lee’ I smiled at her. ‘What’s she doing here?’ she demanded

‘Hi Ariel, ready to walk home?’ he asked, ignoring Johanna-Lee. What was her problem? Her loss, not mine.

‘I am not walking home with her!’ She screeched, pointing towards me. I was already sick of her.

‘Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go’ I told Samuel. Both of us starting to walk away, Samuel turned to see Johanna-Lee standing moodily.

‘Bye then Lee, I’ll see you at home’ Lee? Is that what she got called?

‘She hates being called Lee’ he told me making me laugh.

‘What’s her problem with me?’ I asked curiously.

‘She’s probably just jealous’ Samuel said casually. Jealous of what?


[Samuel’s POV]

The door slammed shut. That must be Jo home. Johanna-Lee liked being called Jo; it was the only thing she could stand. She hated her name. ‘Tea’s ready everyone’ mum shouted. I grabbed my usual seat on the end. I smiled to Tristan; he was a good guy always thinking of others. Jo came storming in and took her seat. ‘How was your first day?’ Tristan asked Jo and me. ‘Make any enemies?’ He joked.

‘Jo did.’ I glared at her, I wouldn’t usually be so mean to Jo but Ariel was so nice and she hadn’t done anything wrong.

‘Johanna-Lee’ Tristan complained, using her full name.

‘She was asking for it that cow’ I was shocked Jo was speaking like that about someone especially in front of mum and Tristan.

‘What did she do?’ mum asked

‘Absolutely nothing, she’s just jealous because the cows beautiful’ I snorted.

‘What’s this cow like then?’ Tristan asked

‘Hmmp... She has these emerald eyes, red hair as long as mine and her skin is milky. Her style is not the usual but it really suits her. She doesn’t wear much make-up because she doesn’t need it’ why had she went into so much detail?

Tristan nodded ‘What’s her name?’ I looked over at Tristan as he asked

‘Ariel Johnston’. Tristan’s facial expressions changed, and then changed back. He must off forgotten about his work, he always forgets about project he has to do.

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