The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


6. oliver Collins

That was the last thing I thought he was going to ask. My mouth dropped. I was so in shock I couldn’t reply. Before I could think of a reasonable answer I burst with anger how could Zach put me though this? And I am the one getting blamed and accused. ‘What the fuck? No I am not bloody cheating’ I exploded. Oliver looked hurt ‘Sorry Oliver, it’s just, doesn’t matter.’ I couldn’t tell him, or it would get worse. ‘It does matter, and sorry if I jumped to conclusions but it’s just what it looks like. I mean if you are it’s better to get it out now’ he was still accusing me ‘Oliver, I am in love with your brother’ I told him truthfully hoping he’d back off. ‘Yeah but, which one? That’s the thing’ he still thought I was cheating on the only boy I’ve ever loved.  ‘CHACE! I LOVE CHACE!’ I yelled at him. ‘I don’t believe you. You really nice but it’s just I can’t see my brother getting hurt, where did you get the hickie?’ he wasn’t letting it go. ‘Right’ I sighed this was my last hope. I couldn’t break up with Chace then I’d be heartbroken and Zach wouldn’t have any limits.  ‘If I tell you something, you can’t tell ANYONE. If you do you’ll make it worse.’ I told him, wishing I hadn’t started.

 ‘Fine, I won’t tell a soul’ I hope he was telling the truth. I made him pinky swear.

‘It was Zach who gave me that hickie’ I started, his face dropping. ‘I don’t really know how to put it but, Zach’s sorta sexually abusing me’ I spat out as quickly as I could, being embarrassed and scared at the same time. His eyes went cold and hard and he turned tense

‘Tell me you are joking?’ He said looking quite scary he had hatred in his eyes.

 ‘I wish I was’ tears welling up in my eyes.

‘I am so sorry Ariel for accusing you. I just don’t really understand’ he looked slightly embarrassed now, but still with hatred plastered over his face. 

[Oliver’s POV]

That bastard. I don’t understand how it could happen though. I know he was making suggestive comments but that was it, I thought.  ‘I’ll tell you the whole thing’ her bottom lip quivering. She explained EVERYTHING and details too, I felt sick. I can’t believe he snuck in her house, never mind what he did and what he threatened to do. Tears were pouring down her face now. I pulled her in for a hug which I’m sure she was happy about. She wept on my chest, which I didn’t really mind having such a hot girl so close to me.  ‘I’m so sorry, I have mascara all over your tee-shirt now’ her voice was muffles, but sincere. ‘I’m sure it’ll wash.’ I prodded her. ‘Thank you so much Oliver, but whatever you do please don’t tell Chace, or you know what will happen to me’ she pleaded she looked so lost, so hurt. How could anyone do something like this to her? ‘Where’s Chace anyway?’ she asked

‘He’s an ice hockey camp.’ I told her, she just nodded

I sat talking to Ariel about anything and everything. We go on so well, she was amazing.  ‘Can we watch a movie together?’ Ariel asked me. My heart speeded up. She wanted to spend more time with me.  ‘Yeah sure, whatcha want to watch?’ I asked her, my heart melting when she bit her lip. She was so adorable. ‘The inbetweeners, I need a laugh’ she also had good movie taste as well. I put the movie on and switched the lights off. She was nearly in tears with laughter. I put my arm around her shoulder, hoping she didn’t think it was weird. She snuggled in close to me, I’m pretty sure she was listening to my rapid heartbeat. For the rest of the film I couldn’t concentrate, I was sitting stoking her hair. When the end credits dulled the room I gently stood up, peeling myself away from her. ‘Oliver’ she started ‘Can I ask you a BIG favour? I’ll understand if you say no’ she sounded embarrassed.

 ‘What is it?’ I asked curiously.  Her cheeks burn red and she looked at the floor. ‘Will you sleep with me?’ she asked. What?

‘What?’ I nearly screeched.

‘I’m scared, of eh. Zach, I mean if you don’t want to I’ll cope.’ She squeaked

‘So I’ll sleep on the floor?’ I asked

‘Well, I was thinking in the bed with me. We wouldn’t do anything obviously. I just need someone I trust beside me. I mean if you’re down there’ she said pointing to the floor, my heart going about a billion miles per hour. ‘He could still get me. Just until Chace comes back?’ she asked pleadingly

‘If I have to’ I joked ‘yeah, that’ll be fine’ I tried not to sound excited

‘Thank you so much! I know it’s asking a lot, sleeping with someone you’ve just met. You don’t think Chace will be mad, do you?’

‘I’m totally comfortable with sleeping in the same bed as you. He doesn’t need to know?’ I suggested, she grinned at me. I checked the clock 01:59am. That’s why I’m tiered. Will she find it weird that I will be sleeping next to her in only my boxers? I’d better ask, I guess. ‘Ariel’ I paused, embarrassed. 

‘Yes, you can sleep in only your boxer. Don’t all boys?’ My mouth dropped, how did she know?

‘I’ll be back here in 10 minutes ready for bed?’

‘Okay see you then!’ she didn’t seem fazed by this situation. I was excited, to say the least.

I walked back in her room I was seriously hoping she was fully changed to save any awkward moments. I glanced in her room; she was standing beside her bed in very skimpy pyjamas. I let out a moan by accident she was so damn hot. She slipped in the double bed and patted the space beside her. I’ve never been so embarrassed only wearing my boxers in front of any one before. I shuffled in the bed as well. Laying my head on the pillow, then she turned her back on me making me spoon her. She wriggled around a bit to get comfortable. I hoped she’d stop or I wouldn’t be able to hide how I was feeling. I put my arm around her loosely resting my hand on her stomach. Listening to her soft sighs she was defiantly asleep now. I leant over and kissed her on the back of her head. How could I of done this? When I saw her, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for her, I broke my own promise, and she was just too perfect and innocent.

[Ariel’s POV]

I awoke to Oliver’s leg slung over me, his erection pressing into my thigh. I giggled to myself what a typical boy. I heard the door open slightly ‘Oh’ was all I heard, I didn’t know which Collins it was. I looked up Lucas and Noah were staring at us in awe. ‘Hi boys, D’you want anything?’  I said trying to sound casual.

‘Oliver is in your bed’ both boys stated in unison.

‘Yes I had noticed that’ I started, trying not to laugh ‘I had a nightmare, he was just comforting me’ I lied. It could have been true, or that nightmare could have come true.

‘Okay, It’s a shock I guess’ Noah said shyly.

‘Can we join in?’ Lucas said while waggling his eyebrows. I smirked at him

‘If you can fit’ I teased. 

‘I wish we could’ Noah sighed ‘I mean I wish I could, I wouldn’t want to share with my brothers’ Noah laughed. I winked at him making him laugh more. ‘I could comfort you next time you have a nightmare?’ that dreaded voice boomed. Zach was standing there. My heart stopped.  ‘I’m pretty sure that would be close enough to being a paedophile, you are four years than me’ I said my face emotionless but my voice full of hate towards him.

‘Right’ is all Zach said.  

‘We’ll leave you two too it then’ Lucas said winking at me 

‘Fine, bye. ’ I couldn’t be bothered arguing

‘Hmm...’ Oliver mumbled ‘Ariel’ he said groggily, looking for me.

‘Yes, I’m here’ I told him ‘right beside you’

‘Oh’ he snuggled in close to me. I put my head on his chest; it was good to have a good friend that was a boy.

[Chace’s POV]

Ice-hockey camps are normally one of the best bits of my life, but I was so excited that I was nearly home. I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful baby girl. When I got in the front door I could hardly contain my excitement. I ran up stairs the stairs wondering which bedroom she was given. She was meant to get the on in-between mines and Oliver’s. I burst in; she was standing in her bra and pants hopping around her room trying to get dressed by the looks of things. She turned around ‘shit sorry’ I apologized, she’ll think I was checking her out, which I was but that’s not the point. ‘CHACE’ she screamed, she ran up to me and jumped on me; straddling me. ‘I missed you. That was the longest week ever’.

‘I bet I missed you more’ I told her truthfully.

‘I better get dressed, before someone comes in and gets the wrong idea’ she laughed, god how much I loved that laugh.

‘Okay, if you must get off me. I was enjoying that.’

‘I could tell’ she nodded to my crotch. I just smirked at her; I didn’t even have an answer.  I left her room in search for my mum. ‘Hi mum’ I greeted.

‘Hiya, we’re going to the beach as it’s nearly 30 degrees out there. I bought Ariel this’ she held up a skimpy bikini, it was Gucci. ‘Well I was given this actually’ my mum laughed. She would normally give the things to Libby but she’s recently been asking me to give Ariel some of the things. I wandered back up the stairs; I was looking forward to seeing her in this bikini. I opened her door again, seeing she was dressed and ready this time I walked in. ‘This is for you. We are off to the beach soon.’ I threw her the bikini.

‘Oh, it’s really nice.’ she gushed

[Ariel’s POV]

The beach? How was I supposed to hide the bruises from them all, I had just managed with Chace but he wasn’t really up close when he was checking me out.  I’ll just have to just go with it; I can’t let Zach completely ruin my life. I slipped out my underwear and into my bikini which was absolutely gorgeous and fitted perfectly. I looked in the full-length mirror. I didn’t look too bad if you ignored my bruises and pinch marks all over my stomach and higher thighs. My hair fell to the bottom of my ribcage. My skin had a golden tint to it; I had been sunbathing a lot recently. I am a lucky red head; I don’t have many freckles and I do actually tan a bit. I put a bit of waterproof mascara on, and a little eye-liner. I threw some summery clothes on over my bikini and raked around to find a towel. I stumbled backwards bumping into a Collins I turned around to see I had just bummed Lucas in the crotch. ‘Oh, eh... sorry Lucas’ I apologised

‘It might only get better if you rub it better’ he nodded downwards

 ‘You’re chancing your luck there bud’

‘Oh darn’ he joked ‘I actually came to say we are leaving now, I’ll take your back down’ he said while picking my bad up

‘Aw Lucas you can act like a gentleman’ I cooed.

‘Are you going to take those clothes off or am I going to have to rip them off you?’ Chace, Lucas and Oliver all whined at me. I had been trying my best to get away with only paddling in the water but they were just too insistent and cute. I pulled my shorts off first Lucas let out a wolf whistle and sighed. ‘Please don’t let them noticed the blotches bruises and general marks on my skin’ I glanced over at Zach who was sunbathing blissfully un-aware.  I pulled my top off slowly the boys were making a scene. When it was off the whistling stopped and they all gasped. ‘What the fucking hell happened to you?’ Chace demanded. What was I supposed to say, oh sorry baby but your brother who is four years older than me has been sexually assaulting me, but it’s fine. I have it under controlled. ‘Eh... um... well’ is I managed to splutter out. I looked at Oliver un-comfortable, he looked as sick. He was the only one who knew, but he hadn’t actually seen my bruises. ‘Well what?’ Chace seemed upset and angry now.  Tears were welling up in my eyes now; bringing back all the times Zach had done things to me, I was about to ruin today, ruin their family. I couldn’t do it, I had to though. ‘Chace, Lucas please DON’T say anything. If I tell you CAN’T tell anyone else this’ I made clear what I wanted.  ‘Sure baby girl, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you’ Chace told me soothingly, his voice had a worried tone in it. ‘Okay, well...’ I started slowly ‘Zach, he has been’ I paused I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t break their hearts. ‘Zach has what?’ Chace and Lucas asked in unison. ‘Doesn’t matter; let’s get in the water eh?’ I tried to change the subject.

 ‘It does baby, I’m so worried what’s up’ Chace pleaded, there were genuine tears in his eyes. ‘Zach has kind of been’ I paused ‘sexually assaulting me’ I instantly regretted saying it, they had to know though.  I started crying my eyes releasing a waterfall of tears I had been keeping in for weeks. ‘Baby girl; I am so sorry, I hate that bloody bastard. He will pay’ Chace told me sweetly totally contradicted his words. ‘I love you more than anything; I won’t let him touch you’

[Chace’s POV]

Zach had been sexually assaulting Ariel? I wanted to explode my blood was boiling. I hated him, that prick. I would of marched up to Zach right now and kicked him till he had couldn’t have children, but at a time like this Ariel needed me. I picked her up princess style, and carried her to a hollow in a sand dune where the water would occasionally splash our toes. I sat her down and hugged her like there was no tomorrow. ‘Baby I love you so, so much’ I kissed her hair ‘thank you so much for not blowing up’ she thanked me.  

‘I feel like killing that bastard but I want to be here with you and comfort you’ I leant down and brushed my lips over Ariel’s, she sent tingles through my body. Ariel let out a quite moan making me shudder in delight. We sat there kissing for nearly an hour. The tide had changed quite a lot; the water was now around our waists. ‘Please don’t say anything to Zach, he said he’d hurt me more, and you know... do everything’ Ariel begged looking like a lost puppy; so innocent and cute. I swept her up from sitting in cold water, she was starting to shiver. I held her in close. ‘I love you Chace Collins’ she whispered. She was so beautiful I can’t believe that she likes me. I’m plain old Chace, I’ve always been popular with the girls with my classic good looks but nothing compared to Ariel’s beauty. I loved her so much and I wasn’t going to let that prick take her away from me. I just scowled at Zach I couldn’t say anything to him, even if it was the only thing I wanted right now.

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