The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


10. la la la, whateverrr

[Dylan’s POV]

I don’t think I had ever been in such an awkward situation before. I was sitting in the middle of all the Collin’s boys who were staring intently at me as I was going to murder someone. ‘I’m Dylan, Ariel’s friend from a while back’ I broke the silence; I knew each and everyone wanted to know who I was.

‘Why are you here?’ one boy who looked the same age as me asked in a monotone voice.

‘To see Ariel?’ I said in a duh? Tone of voice. Most of them looked quizzical.

‘So are you going to introduce yourselves? Or am I going to have to make names for you?’ I asked a bit sick of their presence.

‘Zach. Twenty’ the oldest looking one told me. He looked like someone I’d stay away from. I nodded in acknowledgement

‘Chace. Eighteen’ Ah Ariel’s boyfriend. He looked more respectable.

‘Nice to meet you’ he just smirked. That must be the smirk Ariel wouldn’t stop talking about. I guess Chace would be good-looking for a girl. What you’d imagine as a Calvin Klein underwear model. Nothing on me though. I laughed to myself.

‘Lucas, I’m seventeen’ they all seemed to have what girls would call good looks.

‘Hi’ I said plainly

‘Hey, I’m Oliver. I’m sixteen’ I noticed they were in order of age. How pathetic. I smiled at him. He was the last one. A girl with long brown hair walked in. She was nothing special. Not compared to Ariel. He gave me a toothy smile which I cringed at. ‘Er hi?’ it was nearly a question that escaped my lips.

‘Hello’ I’m guessing she tried to make that sound sexy. She failed at whatever she was trying, unless it was a dying whale. Then she succeeded. He sat down beside me. As humanly close as possible. She was nearly sitting on my lap.  ‘Has anyone ever told you how good looking you are?’ wow she was blunt.

‘Has anyone ever told you how blunt you are?’ I mocked her tone. She looked like she wanted to be upset but she ignored my comment. While the boys were in fits of laughter. At least they had one good quality; a sense of humour. ‘I’m Libby. I’m fifteen’ she leaned into whisper something to me; this shall be funny.

‘if you ever want me to help you with anything I’ll be there. I mean anything. Or if you’re lonely and need someone to sleep with.’ I had to bite my tounge to hold in my laughter.

‘I’m pretty sure that would be frowned upon love, since I am a good four years older than you. ’ she looked embarrassed. She didn’t say another owrd but she just stormed out. Poor girl.

‘Hello guys. Haven’t been too hard on my Dylan have you?’ I heard Ariel joke.

‘Nope, but Libby was all over him. He might be a bit scarred.’ I think it was Oliver who said that.  Ariel just shook her I’m taking she understood how this ‘Libby’ is then.

[Ariel’s POV]

‘Can I speak with you alone Ariel?’ Chace asked me. He probably spilt mustard on my bed or something. He spilt ketchup last time. I laughed to myself.

‘It’s over’ he paused. What was he talking about? My face was plastered with confusion. He sighed and rolled his eyes ‘We’re over’ he verified my fears. He just walked away as if it was normal.  I couldn’t take my eyes away from where he just stood before. I couldn’t think straight, we had just gone for a romantic date earlier. What had I done? I re-entered the room in a surreal state. It was like I had frozen over. My eyes were filled with tears so my vision was blurred. I sat down next to Dylan again; I could faintly make out the confusion on his face. I glanced over at Chace he was a picture of happiness. Fuck him.

‘What’s wrong Ariel?’ Noah, Oliver, Dylan and Lucas asked me.

‘Oh, eh’ was I managed to stutter. ‘Nothing much really, someone just shattered my heart’ I told them in a monotone voice. They gasped like girls. I had to put a strong front on, even if it was just when I was around Chace.

‘Wait... are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ Lucas asked

‘Well; I don’t have the burden of a boyfriend anymore if that’s what you think’ I sneered. Inside I had died every time I’d made eye-contact with Chace. Which was five already, not that I was counting. They all looked disgusted with Chace.

‘He must be gay’ Oliver told me. ‘I mean who wouldn’t want you. You’re beautiful’ he told me.

‘I don’t really talk to girls or admit when they’re nice looking but girl, damn you’re hot’ Noah made me laugh. Bless him. I turned to Dylan as he cleared his throat. He didn’t say anything he just tipped my head up and planted a kiss on my lips. ‘I love you’ those three words stopped my heart. His emerald eyes were deep and meaningful. I didn’t know what to say back, so I didn’t say anything I just smiled. He knew I always did that when I was in hard situations.

‘I hope you’re fucking happy now; look how Ariel is, she’s just acting fine. But really under that cover I bet her soul has died a few times. You dick.’ Lucas’ voice was fierce.

‘I heard about you and Chace’ Samuel told me. He had sympathy in his voice.

‘How do you know?’ I asked hoping rumours weren’t out already.

‘Chace told me, he didn’t say why though’

‘Oh. He hasn’t told me either’ I sighed.

‘He said it was for the best’

‘I bet everyone says that when they don’t have any other excuse’ I laughed nervously.

‘You’re gorgeous, you have a great body’ he checked me out, causing me to blush ‘and you have such an amazing personality’

‘Why are you telling me this?’ I asked completely confused now.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell you and I thought this was the best time’

‘I’m lucky to have a friend like you Samuel’ I couldn’t stop smiling. He was ebing so sweet.

‘HE BROKE UP WITH YOU?!’ Dakota and Florence yelled at me in unison.

‘Thanks for reminding me’ I said, everyone I knew had mentioned it. It was starting to get me down how much I’d missed him the past week.

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