The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


9. Dylan

[Ariel’s POV]

I didn’t know who or why but someone was shaking me vigorously from my good dream. I peeked my eyes open  to see Chace shaking me, he stopped when he noticed I was awake. ‘What are you doing Chace?’ I asked totally and utterly confused.

‘We’re going on a date’ he said simply, like a matter of fact.

‘And what time is it?’ I asked groggily. A date?

‘Two am. Hurry up, wear cosy clothes’ TWO AM! Oh my gosh, that’s why I feel like hell. I pushed Chace out the room as I pulled on my dark washed jeans, a Superdry tee-shirt I had got recently and my big thick fluffy hoodie. I pulled out the mascara and put it on lightly.

Chace dragged me outside; his guitar was strapped on his back like a bag-pack. I tugged at my hand so we were now walking hand in hand in the silence. Not awkward silence though. His hand was so much bigger than mines my hand looked so delicate and fitted perfectly in his hand. Chace’s hand was so soft and warm. We trudged through long grass fields; we made our way up a huge hill. ‘Chace, I’m exhausted’ I moaned, I felt bad since this was a date but my legs were too sore to walk any further ‘Do you want me to give you a piggy back?’ those words were heaven to me I squealed with happiness. ‘Yes pleaseeeee!’ I said as he unstrapped the guitar of his back, and I jumped on. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I jiggled on his a back as we walked up the steep hill. I leaned in to Chace and softly sucked on his neck, my lips lingering over his skin. I nearly feel the electricity between us. I kept moving my head sucking ever so softly on Chace’s neck. He let out a satisfying moan from the back of his throat. We reached the top of the hill; Chace lifted me of his back and laid me on the ground. He lightly laid half on top of me. He brought his lips up to mine. His lips brushed against mine, sending tingles through my body. He was teasing me, and I couldn’t handle it. I pulled him in kissing him like it was the last time. He trailed his lips over mines making goose bumps to appear on my skin. We lay there kissing for what felt like minuets but it was already starting to get light. We pulled apart as he pointed to the sunrise, I was hypnotized by the beautiful colours. I hadn’t even noticed that Chace had whipped out his guitar and started to play an Ed Sheeran song. It was a mixture between most of his songs. His breath-taking voice piercing the chilling night sky. His beautiful words brought tears to my eyes, tears of happiness I was such a lucky girl that I had Chace. I started to shake from the cold, the cool wind nipped at my nose and toes. Chace undid his thick jumper and put it around me. He pulled me into his side. He was only wearing a muscle hugging white v-neck top. I could see his easily defines muscles. I snuggled into Chace smelling his scent, I grew to love that. I couldn’t live without chace.  ‘I love you chace’ I whispered. ‘I love you more’ Chace’s hot minty breath on my ear and neck. It sent shivers down my spine.

[Chace’s POV]

I woke up to see Ariel letting out light puffs. She was asleep. We were still on the hilltop. The sun was up and it was probably around six am. Surprisingly I wasn’t cold. I stood up strapping my guitar to my back and I picked Ariel up princess-style. She was too beautiful for words even when she was sleeping and had bed hair. The walk down the hill was quick. I placed Ariel down on my bed pulling the covers up to her chest as I got in the bed too. I snuggled into her, her hair smelt so nice. I drifted into a sleep quickly while lying with Ariel.

[Ariel’s POV]

I had, had the best night sleep last night and waking up to Chace was even better. I checked myself in the mirror my summer dress reached a couple of inches above my knees. It was designed by Chace’s mum as were ninety- nine percent of my clothes. It was pastel coloured floral pattern which had a lace band around my waist. It was really pretty and it complemented my hair. My hair was slightly wavy and reached to the bottom of my rib-cage. I had put summery make-up on as it was twenty-five Celsius. This was scorching especially for Scotland. The door-bell rang and I jumped up running to get it. It was like a routine since I had arrived none of the Collins bothered to answer the door anymore I was the doorwoman now. I stumbled down the stairs tearing the door open to see those green eyes I’d been longing to see until I met Chace. Dylan’s blonde hair flopped over his eyes; his dopey smile was still the same as it was when we were five. He was about a head and a half taller than me. ‘DYLAN!’ I yelled. My best friend pulled me into a hug. His hands were softly pressing on my back. ‘You look absolutely stunning Ariel’ he complemented me. He made me smile like a Cheshire cat.

‘Thank you Dyl, but why are you here’ it dawned on me I didn’t know why he was here, in Scotland never mind the Collins’ house.

‘Your mum told my mum that she was in hospital and that you were here, so I came here to see you and your beautiful face. Maybe meet this boyfriend of yours?’ He wanted to meet Chace?

‘Wait, Dylan you aren’t going make him go off me?’ I worried. He had always destroyed any hope with any boy I had ever liked, ever.

‘No, I just want to see the boy who stole the heart of the girl I love’ he mumbled my heart stopped. He loved me? I just motioned for him to come in, to change the subject. He loved me?








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