The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


1. Chace Collins

I was lying on my old single wooden bed the off white sheets suffocating me, I pushed them away. Just a normal Sunday, nothing planned except for church. I always went to church every Sunday no matter what. I never used to be interested in God until my dad’s death. He was a vicar. Church was everything to him and now it is everything to me. It’s the only thing I can remember him by. It was coming up the tenth anniversary of his death. I was six. I tried not to get caught up in my thoughts so I dragged myself up from my thinned mattress. I managed to steady myself.  My room was dull. I slipped on my slippers and made my way down stairs into the lounge. I sat myself down on the worn-out cream sofa. I reached a little too far for the television remote, I managed not to fall. I turned the television on the crackly images were flickering on and off, I thought it was just another power cut. I got up and left. I had forgotten to turn the television off. My mum was still in bed, I crept up the creaky stairs.  I made my way into my cosy room and pulled open the curtains. It nearly blinded me, the sun was so bright! I slide over my wooden floor to my drawer I had left open about a week ago. I pulled out a neatly folded pair of skinny jeans and a vest top.  I slipped off my pyjamas and pulled my vest top over my head and pulled my trousers over my warm legs. Buttoning my jeans and buckling my belt. I slipped my feet into a pair of worn-out white converse I got for my fourteenth birthday. After putting my eye- make-up on I grabbed my phone off my bed side table. I stared down at my HTC phone and stuffed it in my pocket. I rushed down the stairs worrying I would be late. I quickly scribbled down a note for my mum and little sister saying that I was out to church and won’t be back for a few hours.

When I got close I crouched down, just staring at the grave-stone. My eyes were pricked with tears, I started to rub my holy cross –just a tradition I did-  the grave-stone was marked ‘Tristan mark Johnston 19th June 1970- 28th February 2003. Loving son, father and husband’ I dropped my eyes to see a picture of a tall man with brown hair and big green eyes and there was me, standing next to him, my dad. I was five. My long naturally red hair that nearly reached  my bum, my large green eyes staring back at me and I was wearing a purple and green dress that complemented my milky white skin. People said I looked like Ariel the mermaid. I was Ariel. But no, I wasn’t a mermaid. I am a sixteen year old girl and I certainly don’t live under the sea but I do have a fish called flounder. He’s only a goldfish. Ariel the mermaid was my favourite Disney film. I used to dream about me being her, and it being kept a secret from me. Every birthday up until I was eleven I imagined my mum telling me that I was Ariel. Then my eleventh birthday came and went, I gave up hope. Then I realised mermaids didn’t exist. If they did my dad wouldn’t be dead, he wouldn’t have drowned. ‘You’ll never be forgotten dad, I love you’. I got up and left.

I made my way into the church. Even though our town was small every week the church was full. I perched myself on the end of the furthest away pew. I made myself comfortable. I was sitting beside a boy -older than me, I think- he had a tanned complexion, piercing blue eyes and brown hair. Fair to say he was gorgeous. He caught me staring at him; I didn’t mean it I got caught up in my own thoughts. He flashed me his pearly white teeth, he smile was beautiful.

After the ceremony ‘Chace’ he said. I gave him a confused look.

‘My name’s Chace’ he chuckled

‘Oh, ha-ha. I’m Ariel.’ I said embarrassed at my stupidity

‘Ariel, I like that name. D’you have a pen?’ he asked casually

Surprised I reached in my bag ‘Yeah I do actually’ he pretend to try write in his hand. ‘It doesn’t work.’ He kept a straight face.

‘Yeah is that so? I worked when I left the house.’ I told him, it’s the pen I used to write the note I left for my mum and sister. ‘Well, write you number here and show me’ he looked up and winked.

‘Cheesy.’ I giggled while he pretended to act hurt. ‘Or you could just put it into your phone just now?’

‘Really?’ he sounded astonished. He passed his phone to me. I tapped my number in.

After chatting to Chace for about twenty-five minuets, we arranged to meet up tonight. A ‘date’ as he calls it.

When I arrived home I told my mum about church and about Chace, she seemed really happy for me. I hadn’t really spoken to boys much I always thought I was betraying being my daddy’s little girl even if I am sixteen. Chace seemed different though. Chace had text me, it read;

‘Hiya, it’s Chace. D’you like Chinese? X’

I replied ‘Hi yep it’s my fave X’

‘good, I’ll pick you up at 7;30’

I ran up stairs. To find Belle sitting on my little rug beside my bed, She was singing to herself. She was good at singing, like I was. We got our talent for our mum from what I remember dad was tone-deaf. I joined in with my sister, she turned round, she had obviously not noticed I has came in. ‘I’m so sorry Air, your bedroom’s just bigger to play with my barbies’ belle was nearly in tears.

‘It’s alright Belle, you can come in my room whenever as long as you don’t go through my things’ I insured her.

‘I love you Air, lots and lots’

‘I love you too Belle’ I kissed her on the forehead then she left. ‘Air’ that’s  what Belle has always  called me, she could never say Ariel so she still calls me Air.

My long red hair nearly reached three-quarters the way down my back. My green eyes popped out since I put mascara and a little eye-liner on. I didn’t l know whether to dress up or not, so I did. My white dress was detailed at the top and was tight then was floaty chiffon that reached just above my knees. I had a thin green belt on that had little stars cut out of it. I am about five foot eleven with my four inch suede green heels.

There was a knock at the door, I glanced down at my phone 7:20pm he was egger. I fled down stairs shouting ‘LOVE YOUS, BYE! I’LL BE BACK BY 11’. I reached the door and my heart nearly melted when i saw chace standing at the front door. ‘you need to wear something warmer’ he said calmly. I furrowed my eyebrows. Didn’t he know how long i took to get ready. ‘fine, I’ll be down in five’ what the hell was I going to wear? I rushed up stairs as fast as i could in my heels. I grabbed my cosiest jeans and an Abercrombie and Fitch top I got for my birthday last year, and got changed in record time i slipped on my white converse and slung my navy hoodie over my arm in the rush. When i reached chace again ‘oh, bring a bathing suit’ he mentioned. I let out an exasperated sigh, Jesus I thought to myself. He could have mentioned this in a text. Anyway who calls them bathing suits now a days. I ran up stairs again and grabbed my bag and the first bikini I got my hands on.

‘On the other side of a street I knew Stood a girl that looked like you I guess that's déjà vu I thought this can't be true 'Cause you moved to west LA Or New York or Santa Fe Or wherever to get away from me’ a song I loved belted out from the radio in chace’s car, I was humming along to keep my nerves down. ‘so.. Why do I have to bring my bathing suit- as you call it’ I said breaking the silence

‘You’ll see.’ He smirked- it was like his signature move. He turned off the main road onto a small dirt track. I turned to face chace ‘I thought you said we were going to a Chinese’ I said starting to panic.

‘Actually I asked if you like Chinese. I never said we were going to a Chinese’ he smirked again. I gulped ‘Okay, I guess’ my heart slowed down slightly. I thought about my situation. I am driving in what seemed like the middle of nowhere with a boy who I didn’t really know.  I was so caught up in my worry and thoughts i hadn’t noticed we had stopped the car. ‘ehhm, Ariel we’re here’ he said while prodding my side. ‘sorry chace, I was day dreaming’ I lied smoothly.  ‘i know I’m irresistible but you just wait till we make out instead of dreaming about it’ he smirked, it seemed like that cheeky smirk was plastered to his face.

When we settled ourselves on the white sand, I was still smiling like a Cheshire cat. I loved this beach; I hadn’t been since my dad died. Actually I hadn’t been to the beach since dad died. Chace had brought a hamper with Chinese and other typical picnic food in it. We sat talking about everything and anything. I felt like I had known chace for years, we hit it off so well. The fiery red, passionate orange and safe yellow reflected in the ocean. The sunset looked absolutely gorgeous; after we had tucked into our Chinese while watching the sun set ‘Ariel’ he started ‘would you like to go on another date with me?’ he added ‘I mean if you don’t want to its fine, I guess. It’s just that I feel that this could be the start of something.. ’ he rambled on

 ‘yes chace I’d love to’ I smiled then planted a kiss on his slightly parted lips. I really appreciated that he didn’t force me into going further since we had just met.

‘okay, D’you want to go for a dip?’ his cheeky grin was back while he jerked his head towards the vast ocean.

 ‘ehhm we-ell..’i stuttered ‘ i guess, promise to eh.. stay close to me, like.. well.. and not go deep’ i was tripping over my words embarrassed.

‘are you scared of the water’ he cooed jokingly. ‘it’s just. Well. ’  tears were welling up in my eyes, i turned slightly so chace wouldn’t see my tear filled eyes.

‘aw baby, the fish wont nibble you little tootsies’ he spoke as if he was talking to a baby.

 ‘Chace. My dad drowned’ I spat out

‘Shit. Sorry Ariel, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know ’ I heard it in his voice, his words were sincere

‘off course you didn’t know, silly. I hadn’t told you yet. It’s okay i guess i’m just upset as it’s coming up for the tenth year anniversary of his death. If I go in will i be able to hold onto you? ’ i asked embarrassed.

‘oh. I’m so sorry, but yes it would be my pleasure’

‘stop apologising’ I prodded his chest, jokingly

‘sorry, shit, I mean okay’ he corrected himself.

[chace’s POV]

‘you changed yet?’ I yelled. Ariel skipped over to me in a tiny bikini, it was like she was teasing me. I groaned. Why did she have to be drop dead gorgeous, she didn’t even seem to know ‘hi beautiful’ I said seductively as I could. ‘are you coming or not’ she pulled me along behind her, she obviously had a change of heart about going into the water but I didn’t question her. When we got to the water we both charged in holding hands, the water was so cold, but I had expected it to be worse. She straddled me putting her legs around my waist. ‘Jesus Ariel, are you trying to turn me on?’ i asked her, wondering what her reply would be.

‘What if I am?’ she gave me a little wink

‘Well Miss Johnston, its working’

‘Mission: turn chase on, complete’ she said while giggling to herself

I chuckled, ‘do you know what, you are rather funny’


The drive back to Ariel’s was great, we sang our hearts out to cheesy Brittany spears, s club 7 and even busted any old song that came on the radio. When we reached her house, I gave a little kiss on her cheek and planned a date for Saturday.

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