The Chase

Ariel and Chace hit it off staight away. When Zach Chace's older brother meets Ariel he starts to act differently, he starts to get agressive and possesive towards Ariel. Will they way Zach's acting change the mutual feelings beween Chace and Ariel? When a family diaster comes up it brings Ariel closer to Zach, if Ariel had confessed what was happening at the start would she be in this horrible position now?


2. Cameron Porter

[Ariel’s POV]

When I arrived at Chace’s I got out and knocked at his door.  His brother answered ‘Daamn gurl.’he paused whilst obviously checking me out’ I mean come in’ he chuckled. He looked a bit older than chace, maybe a year older or two. ‘Chace will be two minutes, names Zach’ he said again their voices were so similar

‘okay, Ariel but I guess you’ve heard’ I laughed

‘I’ve heard LOTS about you. Chace’s right when he says your beautiful’ he said while waggling his eyebrows

‘Erm, thank you.’ I laughed a bit shocked

‘If things don’t work out with that little squirt, I’ll be free.’ He winked at me. I nodded my head towards where Chace was standing.

‘Shut the fuck up Zach, stop hitting on my girlf-’ he started, we’d never discussed what we were ‘I mean Ariel.’ He corrected himself ‘She’s nearly four years younger than you for a start.’

‘HA-HA-HA! Look at you, you’re like a blubbering child’ Zach laughed at Chace.

Chace led me upstairs to his room ‘sorry about him, he’s a dick’ Chace apologized.  ‘So what are we?’ I blurted out without meaning it

‘About that...’ he started ‘would you be my girlfriend?’ he asked shyly, completely different from his usual self.

‘Hmm...’ I pretended to contemplate the idea ‘if I have too’ I joked and chace faked hurt ‘I’d love to’ I told him and his whole face lit up

‘Teas ready boys and Ariel’ Chace’s mum shouted. I felt a phone buzzing in my pocket the caller id was ‘MUM’ I answered ‘what’s up mum?’ I asked a bit concerned she never phoned me, especially from her mobile.

‘Your... your sister’ she blubbered. ‘She’s unwell, she’s in hospital.’ She cried down the phone

‘I think she’s had an allergic reaction to something, she’s asking for you. She has to stay in hospital so they can so test to see what it was’ she was cry I wanted to be there to comfort her.

When the taxi pulled up at the hospital ‘£9.90’ he muttered to me. I handed over a £20, ‘keep the change and I ran out the taxi my hands trembling as I reached the reception ‘who are you here to visit?’ the lady behind the desk asked with a fake smile plastered to her face. ‘Belle Johnston’ I said quickly. ‘Hmm...’ she was irritating me now. ‘Well. ’ she started ‘Janice’ she called ‘I don’t know how to work this’ she stated

‘GODDAMIT, just let me in’ I yelled

‘Calm down. I’ve only been here a year’ she said as if it was such a small  amount of time.

‘Well you look thick too.’ I said pissed that I’d been as well getting my £10 change

 ‘What?’ she asked confused

‘Point proven’ I snapped.

Once finally got to Belle’s hospital room, I burst in not bothering to ask for permission. ‘Belle’ I cried, she looked terrible her face was puffy and looked like a rash was appearing. ‘Belle what happened?’ I leant in for a hug from her. ‘They said I’m allergic to nuts. They said I also had a seizure but they don’t know why.’ She looked scared ‘But I can come home tonight’ she said her face lighting up. I sat talking to belle for an hour before she got dismissed to go home. On the way home Belle slept on my shoulder as my mum chatted away to me. ‘Belle is allergic to nuts’ my mum started to explain ‘She also had a seizure and might experience more through her life.’ Mum added ‘Belle may also go into a coma after one of her seizures’ she started to cry, I heard her sobbing softly. ‘It’s okay, everything will be fine’ I tried to persuade her as well I myself ‘It’ll be more common than expected so... Doctors will be experts on what to do’ I tried not to leak a tear or two. I had to act strong on the outside for my mum even if I was crumbling on the inside.

After putting Belle to bed I rushed into my room and logged onto Skype. He was online. I clicked on his name and waited it to load and for him to accept which happened almost immediately. ‘ARIEL’ he screamed. I was staring at the computer screen watching Dylan waving at me madly, his blonde mop of wavy hair bopping around. Even through the bad quality computer I could still make out the intense green eyes that I always loved seeing. ‘Hey Dylan! It’s been so long’ it had been so long, nearly three months since he’d been online. ‘Ariel, you look as beautiful as usual’ he complimented me while smiling. ‘Thanks Dyl, You look as handsome yourself’ I giggled.

‘I’m coming up to Scotland to see you and your family soon’ he seemed as happy I was. I hadn’t seen my best friend for two years ‘OH MY GOD!’ I screeched ‘If you are joking Dylan I am seriously going to kill you’ I threatened ‘I’m not joking, Ariel I’m really coming to see you!’ he reassured me. I talked to Dylan for three hours straight; I told him how I was coping without dad, what happened to Belle and about Chace. Chace, well that was an awkward topic, Dylan suddenly became distant and not interested. He always told me about the girls he’d meet up with once, so it was my turn to tell. I guess he was only acting strange as it was 2:5 am ‘Night Dylan’ I said while yawning. I had school tomorrow and it was the first day back after the midterm break holidays.

I woke up to Belle sitting on me whilst shaking my shoulders. ‘Ariel. You only have 15 minutes to get ready. You slept in!’ She screeched at me.

‘Hmm...Just five more minutes’ I answered groggily

‘Well, if you sleep five more minutes you’ll only have ten minutes to get ready’

‘WHAT! 15 MINUTES’ I shouted just realising what she had said. I jumped up out my bed causing Belle to tumble off my bed onto the floor. I dashed around my room getting dressed and apologising to Belle while throwing my hair up into a ponytail and putting minimal make-up on.  I rushed down stairs while yelling ‘LOVE YOU BOTH!’ as mum was sitting at the kitchen table. She threw me a cereal bar to eat on my way to school.

I picked up my pace while walking through the school to make sure I wasn’t going to get detention on the first day back to school.  I entered registration while my name was being called ‘HERE!’ I yelled while taking a seat next to my best girlfriend Dakota. I told her all about Chace and our ‘date’. Normally I was the one to listen to all her boy happenings but I was the one talking today. She was totally in awe with what I had to say and she was gushing about how cute he seemed. ‘I lost the big V on Saturday’ she said quietly. ‘OH MY GOD! No way’ I shout-whispered.  ‘Tell me it was to Jason? ’ I asked hoping it had been with her boyfriend for three years and not as a re-bound or something silly that Dakota would do. ‘Yes it was Jason.’ She giggled like a child. She told me all about it.

I walked into my last period class; History. I headed for my seat, I was sat by myself, so I placed my bag on the spare chair and sat on the other. ‘This is our new pupil Cameron Porter’ my teacher bellowed I studied the boy; he was tall, by not as tall as Chace. He had soft brown eyes and light brown hair to match. He had a lovely chiselled jaw. He was a good looking boy; I will have to tell Florence about him. ‘Ariel’ Mr Ray called ‘yeah’ I stood up. ‘Can you sit down beside Ariel please’ Mr Ray asked Cameron. I moved my bag for him to sit down. When he sat down he smiled. ‘Hi’ His husky voice was so attractive; Florence is going to love him. ‘Hiya’ I replied. I sat talking to Cameron for the whole class; Mr Ray didn’t seem to mind as Cam was new.  ‘Where about do you live then’ I asked interested

’32  Lawson Avenue, do you know it?’ he asked me

‘Yeah I do actually, I live there’ I laughed ‘I’m only a few houses down from you. I’m house 21’ we decided to walk home together. Cameron told me to call him Cam. As he thought Cameron sounded too formal.  Before I went into my house he asked for my number. Giving it to him thinking he meant for us to be friends.

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