X-Factor boyfriend

(Very short fiction
A short story about my boyfriend and how he won the X-Factor.


1. X-Factor boyfriend


I never regret sending Sam to that audition…maybe we don’t see each other as often as we used to, but ever since he won the X-Factor last year he’s been great to me. He’s always buying me presents or taking me out to expensive restaurants…We even went to a film premier once! But it’s not the same. He’s always out networking here, promoting there, and for someone who is only 17 he spends more time away from England than he does in it. However, I guess I’m just complaining like this because I miss him when he’s not with me.

Most girls might get jealous if their boyfriend was always away, meeting thousands of other teenagers who would do anything to be with him, but I trust him. When asked whether or not he is single (usually by a interviewer who is as much of a fan as everyone else) he always replies with “I’ve got a very special girl back in England, and I love her more than anything, she’s been through everything with me and put up with all of my traveling. I can’t stand being without her!” and when I hear that I remember just why I love him.

From the moment we met I knew he was special, and the more I got to know him the more I felt that I could never be without him. I supported him when he told me he was auditioning for X-Factor. I tried my best to make him laugh when Simon Cowell gave him ‘That look’ live on TV. I celebrated with him when he won, and he kissed me on New Years Eve when his single got to number 1. So no, I may not see him very often, but I’ll always love him, no matter what.

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